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Reliance AGM: Mukesh Ambani Comes up with More Surprises! Check them here

Reliance Jio updates

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The key things that came up on the Reliance AGM today as it happened are listed below.

1. Jio users consistently make 250 million minutes of voice and video calls everyday.
2. India becomes the largest data market in the world. The data consumption went over from 20 crore Gbs to 120 crore GB’s in six months. Now Jio users consume over 125 crore GB data every month. Now Jio 165 crore hours of Highspeed video that users use every month. We now consume more data than USA and China.
3. India is now the biggest nation in data consumption.
4. It was speculated that,”India being India, free users will never convert to Paid customers.” Jio now has more than a 100 million paying customers. We have proven the speculators wrong!!
Jio prime members will get surprises and Jio prime members will have a great position in heart.
5. There are 78 crore phones in India. Out of these 50 crore customers have feature phones. These people can’t own and afford the smart phones today because of heavy tarrifs.

Data is oxygen!! Jio commits to end the inability affordability of people today.

This will be enabled in 3 ways
1. Connectivity : Jio is a data strong network. Jio will cover 99% of population in next few months. Because of Jio India’s 4g coverage to surpass 2g network !! Increase in Physical distribution network: Over 10 thousand Jio offices will be put up by september
2. Data affordability: The 50 crore people who can’t afford data and voice on 4g spend more than the rest of Indians who can afford 4g smart phones. The users have to spend around 5 thousand rupees to avail the benefits as that of jio users per month.
3. Device affordability : The cheapest smart phone costs around 3 thousand. This creates a big gap. Jio announces smart phones with indian innovation, technology and ideas. This device will reinvent conventional phones with an indian device “India ka Intelligent smart phone” The Jio Phone.


It was displayed.

The cheapest smart phone costs around 3 thousand. Jio announces smart phones with Indian innovation, technology and ideas. This device will reinvent conventional phones with an Indian device “India ka Intelligent smart phone” The Jio Phone

Features include –

1. Voice activated commands
2. Voice activated video services
3. Distress button which sends location updates to selected dear ones on long press of button 5
4. NFC will be integrated for enabling online transactions and linking the bank accounts..

This phone hardware is secure for all transactions from day 1.

The tarrifs and prices on Jio.

1. Voice will always be free on Jio phone.
2. 50 crore feature phone users don’t have access to Internet.
jio phone will enable internet access to everyone. To enable a digital life, and access to data. Jio declared ” Digital freedom from 15th August”.
3. Live TV, Jio TV and content would be desired to be mirrored on TV.

Jio gives unlimited internet access!! Jio provides data at 153 rupees a month.

And guess what!

The Jio phone costs : Rupees 0

However a security deposit of 1500, which will be refunded after 3 years on the return of Jio phones.

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