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A pool party and Buffet Lunch celebrating the “Flood in Gujarat”

Heavy rains and flood has badly affected the state of Gujarat since the last 1 week. The normal life and dreams of people are washed away in the flood which has already claimed 213 lives. The death toll is likely to increase since some of the submerged villages of the hard hit Banaskantha district are still under water. This is one of the worst flood situation of the state in the recent times. The state Government and Centre have been in action to provide immediate relief and rescue to the affected areas. NDRF teams and the army have also been deployed to provide immediate assistance to the badly hit areas. However on the other hand the Congress MLA’s who number to a total of 51 seem to have forgotten the situation in the state and have developed a cold shoulder to the problems that the flood has caused.


The 46 congress MLA’s who were flown to Bangalore on the wake of recent resignations of six of the MLA’s are enjoying their stay in a Resort near Bangalore in Karnataka. Photos on social media and various news houses show the MLA’s playing in pools and feasting on buffet lunches in the resort. The individual bills are assumed to be as high as 15,000 rupees per MLA for a day’s stay in this Resort. The act of these 46 legislators elected to power by the same people who are suffering right now is both condemnable and questionable. Congress party supporting and funding this kind of tours for it’s MLA’s raises serious questions about the values the party speaks of. This lifting and dumping of MLA’s from Gujarat to Karnataka is out of the fear of a possible horse trade in the context of the RajyaSabha elections on August 8th.

The question that is to be asked again is the moral values and the spirits of these MLA’s who are enjoying their time in the luxurious resorts when the people of their constituency are battling for food and drinking water. On the other hand state BJP has fielded all its party workers in the flood affected areas lending a helping hand to the people in need.The MLA’s are said to have planned to visit temples in South India as a part of their tour. The possible places of their visit include the Temples of Tirupathi and Dharmasthala. As sadistic as it may sound and as we publish these article the legislators are enjoying their “leisure” time in Bangalore. The sad faces and the grieving images of people who are devastated by floods and by the loss of family member seek answers.

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