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Victory For The Citizens of Bengaluru: The Govt Has Scrapped Steel Flyover Project

Democracy at times shows that common people are still in power. In the recent past, we have seen some revolutionary changes happening because people decided that it was high time to be united and react against the state-sponsored acts. Libyan revolution, Israeli movement on the international arena were some of the finest examples of what united people power can do. The protest of the people of Tamil Nadu against the Supreme Court ban on the traditional Bull taming sports Jallikattu, and their fight against PETA, also stand as examples of the power of democracy.

Now it’s time for the residents of Bangalore to have the last laugh in the case of Steel flyover of Hebbal. Bangalore Development Minister Mr K J George made some dramatic announcements on March 2 and one among them was the scrapping of the controversial Steel Flyover. “The plan for a massive steel bridge to ease traffic on the road connecting Bengaluru to its international airport has been scrapped, the steel flyover project is no more, now. We faced many allegations, baseless allegations… Like Sita, I am prepared to face even fire also. If anybody has got any record against us that we are involved in corruption, we will face it” he said explaining that this decision was taken with a lot of Pain.

The congress government’s decision raked a huge controversy after the alleged diary found during tax raids on CM Siddaramaiah’s parliamentary secretary K Govindaraju, had a mentioning of 65 crores against “Steel Bridge.” The opposition had opposed this project and off late some top notch leaders within the Congress party had also demanded the Government to withdraw the project with a fear that this project would be deemed as a “Monument of Congress’s Corruption”

The Government earlier had backed its move to construct the six-lane steel bridge 6.7 km long and had asserted that it was essential for removing the notorious traffic jams on one section of road on the way to the airport. But the bridge, estimated to cost Rs. 1,800 crore, would have also resulted in the chopping down of 812 trees and was firmly opposed by many citizens. Bengaluru residents had managed to get the National Green Tribunal to stop its construction pending an audit. Critics had also alleged a lack of transparency in the commissioning of the project.
Now with the government scrapping this project, the green city of Bangalore can still hope to continue being green amidst increasing pollution and population density. Hopefully, the residents join hands and continue to stay united in fights against polluted water sources, issue of garbage and other noble cause to make the city green, clean and beautiful again

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