Tamil Nadu Traders Bans Sale of Pepsi and Coca Cola

Tamilnadu has come up with one of the most rather revolutionary decisions with it’s trade organisations calling for a boycott on foreign carbonated drink brands Pepsico and Coco-cola. This decision from the organisations has received a very supportive backing even from the people of TamilNadu. The boycott aims to promote natural drinks and home products of Indian origin and also fight foreign brands.

Tamilnadu witnessed a statewide unprecedented style of protest against the Supreme court ban on Jallikattu, the traditional Bull taming sport of the state. The protesters and the activists involved in the fight against the ban of Jallikattu believe that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ) has a hidden agenda to destroy native breed cattles and thereby promote foreign breeds. They also believe that this USA based organization is funded by foreign brands which want to put an end to the rich cultural heritage of India.

Two of the state’s biggest trade organizations Vanigar sangangalin peravavai and sangangalin peramippu have decided not to sell these drinks effective 1st march.This movement has also received huge social media backing with messages supporting the boycott circulating in social media. A shop vendor who was interviewed said that “ We were able to sell 60 -70 bottles every day.” Now we hardly are able to sell any.

This ban/boycott has seen a tremendous increase in the sale of domestic drinks and coconut water. Vendors say that the demand for coke and Pepsi in Tamilnadu which used to be over 10000 boxes per day has fallen to 5000 in a span of 3 -4 days. People of Tamilnadu and the local businessman have welcomed this move.

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