How Burj Khalifa deals with tenants who don’t pay their rents!

Miser tenants are big problem to landlords including Emaar Properties who owns Burj Khalifa. Emaar Properties, owner of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, has a really smart way of dealing with tenants that don’t pay their rent. Most landlords would typically hire lawyers and try to evict people out of their homes. Problem is, it takes time and if tenants don’t have money, they may never recover the unpaid rent, even if that’s what the judge decided.

So when Emaar Properties learned that some of their tenants stopped paying their rent, they found another, smarter way.

They simply decided to block these tenants’ elevator cards and A/C access. And trust me, climbing to floor 163 (2,722 ft) every time you want to reach home, to find yourself in a human-sized pressure cooker in which none of the windows can be opened (safety) is no fun.

Really an interesting way to do. Isn’t it?

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