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Kargil Diaries – Heart Melting Story Of Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari

Kargil War has produced legendary heroes, Heroes for whom the nation meant more than their life, heroes for whom motherland meant more than their family. Not everyone can be a soldier when I say a soldier I am referring to those brave man who was born to die for this nation so that I and YOU can live a peaceful life, die so that YOU can having dinners with your family, They die so that YOU can have good memories with your loved one back home. Our soldiers don’t fight because they hate the enemies in the front, they fight because they love their countrymen in the back. Our army is not just the world’s strongest army they are an army with high morals. In my previous articles i tried penning down about few legendary heroes of Kargil war and here I continue to write about another Heart Melting Story Of Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari. Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari was a part of 18 Grenadiers who were handed over the job of capturing Tololing on Kargil which was an important geographical point located 16,000 feet above the sea level. Capturing Tololing was vital for Indian army since this was the only point for Indian army to set up bunkers to launch attack on Pakistan army who were stationed on top of tiger hills.

While Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari was all set to lead his men to Tololing to launch full-fledged assault on Pakistani army who were already stationed there a letter from his wife was handed over to him. Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari without reading the letter placed it in his pocket, those days army men used to wait for days to hear from their family and receiving a letter from their family members while they are on postings at places like Kargil was something very precious. when asked why would he not read it Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari said “My wife would have written about all her concerns about my health and for me capturing Tololing is more important than deviating my focus on my personal life, I shall respond her once I win the war for my nation” and he quietly walked away lifting his AK 47 rifle and his bag pack with ammunitions and grenades. People who knew him closely say he knew he would never return back, because capturing Tololing was almost humanely impossible. Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari knew this was suicidal since the terrine was almost 90 degree steep and all that enemies at Tololing had to do was just push a rock from the top and our soldiers would be killed in no time. It was that easy for the Pakistani army. As Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari along with his troop engaged in heavy firing with Pakistani army near Tololing the operation was called off after sniper firing killed a JCO. The operation began next day at early hours as Indian army launched a stern attack on the enemies launching the grenades at their bunkers. While Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari was leading his team towards the objective, he was fired at from two mutually supporting bunkers with universal machine guns. The officer immediately directed the rocket launcher detachment to engage the bunker and without waiting, rushed into the bunker and killed two intruders in close quarter combat.

Thereafter, the officer, displaying the presence of mind under heavy fire, ordered his medium machine gun (MMG) detachment to fix position behind a rocky feature and engage the enemy. The assault party continued to inch their way up. Despite suffering grievous bullet injuries, Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari continued to direct his subunit. Refusing to be evacuated, the officer charged at the second bunker and killed one more occupant, thus capturing the second bunker at Tololing which later facilitated capture of Point 4590. Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari was honored with the Maha Vir Chakra For conspicuous gallantry and supreme sacrifice he made to capture Point 4590 and in turn helped Indian army to gain the geographical advantage to fight the Kargil war.

While the body of Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari was handed over to his family his parents were shattered and in tears but his wife stood first staring at his body as she touched him for one last time only to find the letter she sent to him, his wife breaks down crying loud. The reporters standing nearby asks her what makes her break down suddenly while she was standing with pride all this while and in reply Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari’s wife says “My husband had written a letter a week back saying he is going to be deployed at the heights of Kargil and he is not sure if he would come back,, in the letter he had made a request saying if he doesn’t come back would she take his unborn child to Kargil once and tell him/her to show them where their father fought against the enemies” His wife was carrying their baby while she lost her husband Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari. To this letter she had written “It doesn’t matter if I deliver a baby girl or a boy, if you come back I shall be happy and if you don’t I shall be proud to be a martyr’s wife, but one thing I would want to promise you via this letter that I shall not just show them Kargil but will also ensure they too become a soldier like you”  She breaks down again saying “I wish he had read this reply once before he headed to the war field he probably would have felt good” I feel fortunate to tell you the story of Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari’s family. Their sacrifice to this nation cannot be paid back but unfortunately, this nation doesn’t remember souls like Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari who sacrificed everything just to ensure their countrymen back home can cherish memorable movements with their family. The stories of these souls who lived and died for the nation needs to be told to every Indian, these are the men who ensure I and YOU have rights to live. Our freedom of press, speech, religion, practice is possible because people like Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari are guarding our country day in and day out. The day these brave men go down the entire nation will go down with them. We live because of their breath at the Line Of Control. Every time I write about our armed soldiers I only hope people who read it do share these stories.


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