Swami Vivekananda once said, “ my hope of the future lies in the youths of character, intelligent, renouncing all for the service of others good to themselves and the country at large “. Rightly grasping these words and executing them are a group of engineers who have put in their complete adherence and diligence into helping the rural mass of India by providing them with an essential commodity being electricity.  A small initiative that was taken up by a diminutive group of people has now grown into a recognised NGO  called YUVA ( Youths United for a Vision to Achieve) with an army of almost 200 permanent and non- permanent members  who are bringing about a “light up revolution “ in several areas.

YUVA has lit up 219   houses since its inception in an around kadra , puttur and HD Kote   , using the self-designed solar power kit which they call “The Light Up Kit” which comprises of solar panels, charge controllers, LED lights, battery, wire and switches.

Several obstacles and hardships were faced by the yuvans during this process which mainly included transporting the required equipment from one village to another. During one of the light up’s in a village called “sanake” the team had to overcome a herculean task of walking 20kms as there was no proper road transport system. This level of commitment and focus by the yuvan’s echoed so loud that it fell into the ears of the government which in the year 2015  sectioned funds that were sufficient to light up almost 75 houses.

The team got into the action as soon as their 12th   final exams were done and lit up the 75 houses with the funds provided by the government across “Joida” region.  All the 219 houses which included the 75 houses lit up was summed up under the title of “ The Light Up Revolution -1 “ also known as BLUR1.

During yuva’s trip to joida they surveyed that there are several more villages around the region that needed to be lit up  , this led to the emergence of the next big project where 21 villages 750+ families  across Joida and Ellapur region  were  going to be lit up in 21 hours under the title of “ THE LIGHT UP REVOLUTION -2” also known as BLUR2 !

All the team members of Yuva are working in full swing towards this project. The funds are being raised via crowd funding, the equipment are being modelled and made more durable and cost efficient in order to not compromise on the quality. The project’s   survey has been done. The planning and the sequence of light up have been designed.   The light up the team is all set to sail its voyage this 2nd week of February.

These young students are dedicating all their time and heart into shaping a better country and bringing up smiles on thousands of faces.  YUVA truly stands as an inspiration to all the youth across the nation  strongly sending out a message that if today’s youth join hands and souls towards a small idea that intrigued the mind of 3 people it can grow  into something so huge and strong causing a great impact towards the country’s development in ways that one cannot  ever  imagine.

We wish the team all the luck and yet another successful light up. Go TEAM YUVA!

For further details and extending a helping hand to Yuva

  1. Log onto
  2. YUVA’s account details: 131400301000107

Gokulam branch, Vijaya bank.

Ifcs VIJB0001314.

  1. Click on the link below to Contribute towards the light up by helping with the funds
  3. Or use the QR code that can be scanned to help with the donations.

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