Resurgence & Deterioration of stone pelting breed

This article brings to light the 2016 situation and the dangerous social trend in Kashmir Valley following the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani. The Kashmir schizophrenia has misled and brainwashed the youth, who took up arms and became terrorists.

The secularists and the liberals say Today’s Kashmir is not the Kashmir of the 1990s. The structural conditions within and outside Kashmir are different now. The guns have largely fallen silent. But why aren’t Pandits returning back to Kashmir?  They still remain in 26 years of exile. The problem today Kashmir facing is after every passing day, things seem to be going from bad to worse especially in terms of polarization of the state.

In Kashmir, stone pelting has remained a favourite way of expressing the distress and grievances from a long time. Its not about the insurgency or something related to a protest against government for solving civic problems, Its all about Azad Kashmir and ISIS supported slogans .

In February 2016, Mosques in localities like Frestabal, Drangbal, Kadlabal and Sempora played recordings with praise for ‘mujahid’ (holy warriors) from loudspeakers as Indian security forces fought terrorists holed up in a building for three days. This is not the first time when the mosques hailed mujahid terrorists as Indian soldiers fought terrorists. However, the police could not enter the mosques to stop these recordings because angry youth pelted stones on cops.
NIT Srinagar issue in 2016 was another major problem to be considered, The campus has been on the boil since April 2016, when local students clashed with Kashmiri locals,who were allegedly celebrating India’s loss against West Indies in the WorldT20 semifinals.Non local students were trashed by the locals for chanting “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and waving the Tricolour flag. Thanks to the HRD ministry anyway for helping the students to get out of the state before there was any stone pelting on them.

The Kashmir is the only place on earth where people indulge in stone pelting even on the day of Ramzan, when whole Muslim community across the world offer their prayers, greets people, enjoy their day. Kashmiri politicians and religious intellectuals never condemn such social delinquency rather they justify and eulogise it. I have also seen instances when Kashmiri politicians and political parties have hired stone pelters to start a harthal.

I think it is important for the Kashmiri youth to realize that they should not get misguided by the so-called protagonists of terrorism. Despite the government’s experience of dealing with such incidents, it appears to be the wheel of problems is always reinvented on each occasion. It is also clear that the escalation of street violence was substantially orchestrated and was clearly linked to provocations from Pakistan, Not only from the terrorist organizations, but also directly from the Pakistan army command and from Pakistani P.M Nawaz Sharif.

However, no reports of violence in the rest of the valley in the past few days after Demonetization. The board examinations were recently held across the valley class 10 and class 12. The student turnout for exams was 98 percent, respectively. This proves a lot of the violence in Jammu & Kashmir is funded through illicit money. With India’s demonetization, it has become quite hard to fund terrorism. Modi has not surprised just you and me, but these “poor” terrorists too.

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