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Republic Day Resolution

Republic Day brings pride to each and every Indian. It brings memories of the great leaders who fought to bring India together as one great republic. India is the largest democracy in the world!

On this day tricolour flag hosting followed by patriotic songs, speeches in memories of Indian freedom fighters and honouring the social-cultural activities are witnessed. This day is celebrated in schools, colleges, all offices, societies, resident complexes, etc all over India. It is celebrated with great pride and enthusiasm. A grand parade is held in New Delhi every year. The different regiments of the Army, the Air Force and the Navy participate in the parade. The President of India addresses the nation. The show of strength is displayed which includes an air show as the grand finale. The representation of the culture of each State is also highlighted as part of the Parade.  Altogether India observes “Shanti aur Aman” on 26th January every year.

Today, as we celebrate we need to ask ourselves, are we supposed to maintain such peach-law and Order only on Republic day? Have we preserved that free and beautiful India which those freedom fighters left for us?

India is known for its “Unity in Diversity”. Our each state is different but we all are united. Each state represents a different culture, customs, religious, and tradition. East India is known for its beauty, south for its culture, west as finance/business hub and north as the political hub. With vast complexity, we are moving as one nation. We have developed so much since we became Republic India. In 67 years, many developments like infrastructure, employment, technology, etc took place. But was India better then or now with respect to peace. That time India fought together for a sole purpose – “Freedom”. And today India is fighting for several purposes with each other. Have we at least preserved the nation’s values, culture, civilisation, unity? Is India really stepping towards becoming developed country with peace, freedom, unity and integrity?

Let’s briefly check the changes, expansion, betterment that took place in last 67 years and what are issues holding the development of our Country.

India has said to be more than a developing Country by IMF, along with Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Turkey, South Africa and China. India is called a newly industrialised country and is also a part of major economies. With respect to military and space, India is major power along with developed World. India has grown from the basic need of “Roti, Kapda, Makan” (Food, Clothing and Shelter) to need to achieve economic policies, law & order, and corruption free Country.

Here are the list of problems and possible solutions which country needs to ponder on.

  1. Is our unity in diversity slowing downing our country’s growth? Is the central and state diversify ruling powers, make countries spirit towards mutual achievements difficult? With respect to infrastructure, India now has more than 7 metro systems. There are 23 expressways and 22 more to come in the next couple of years. Almost every individual got mobile phones.
  2. India with 1.25 billion people lacks appropriate reforms towards population control. For instance- China has a one child policy. Another problem is deteriorating gender ratio, our country must improve on female to male ratio. We need to develop the cities but all such continuous awareness efforts should be taken especially in rural areas as well. A Large population can also be an asset if people could be employed gainfully but the lack of development leading to unemployment has diverted youths to migrate other countries.
  3. Corruption and political mockery is a major drawback in India’s development. India is reportedly affected by corruption almost in every sector, especially infrastructure and real estate, metal and mining, aerospace, defence, power and utilities. Corruption also decreases the efficiency and does not allow the development of a healthy market. The Foreign investor has lost trust in India. Scams are unearthed every now and then. These scams are impacting FDI inflow. For instance, 2G and Colgate scam, mining, shipping, Hawala, Aadarsh scam, etc.
  4. Increasing terror attack has proven India to be a tolerant country. Dynamic steps need to be taken to stop terrorism along with UN.
  5. Indian economy depends on agriculture, which in turn depends on monsoon, which is not proper due to global warming. Either India need to shift from being an agrarian economy to industrial economy or have to add advanced technology to the agrarian economy.
  6. India faces very high-income inequality. India ranks among top 10 richest countries with 80% population below poverty line.
  7. Caste based system is coming across the productive output of the Country. Reforms or amendments are required to such old caste based system.
  8. The literacy rate is 100% in Kerala whereas in other parts of India it is very low.
  9. India has not witnessed any revolutionary innovation in fields like education, healthcare, etc after independence. There is an urgent need for such facilities in the remote areas of the country.
  10. Our Country is losing its culture and civilisation, as the Youths are busy copying the western culture.
  11. Citizens have lost confidence in our judiciary. As Indian Judiciaries have made a lot of decisions based on political expediency rather than on the rule of law.
  12. Indian media has become a joke for TRP. They air any false or misleading news for sake of TRP and it gets viral in no time. Some followers support such misleading news and end up with the protest and lot of disturbance in society.
  13. Increasing infrastructure with the lack of safety measures are the major cause of death of our young ones under the age of 29. Road accident deaths are more than HIV/AIDs, Malaria, Tuberculosis or homicide says the report. This means that road accidents are a serious threat to our family and Country.

There are many other issues holding the development of India. By only blaming the Government to resolve all the issues, won’t get us a developed nation. We as citizens of our country can do our part. This Republic day we need to oath for the development of our country by promising our part to contribute to the betterment of India. As we make a New Year resolution for self-improvement, health, self-career and success goals, let’s make a New Year Republic day resolution and oath to do our part towards the betterment of India.

Below are few Republic day Resolutions we Citizens can take this day:

  1. Do not encourage bribe; make sure all the jobs we get done with the proper legal process.
  2. Let’s bring discipline and sincerity in everything we do, even for that matter standing in ques.
  3. One step towards cleanliness – not to make our road and surroundings dirty. We should stop throwing garbage on streets and also creates the awareness towards cleaner India.
  4. With respect to road safety, don’t cross the white line at a signal. Don’t jump signal even if you are getting late and whatever may be the traffic condition. Wear seatbelt/helmet, do not drive in the wrong lane.
  5. Contributing towards society by teaching/sponsoring unprivileged children.
  6. Initiate donation/help/support to needy.
  7. Make the regular tax payment.
  8. Conserve electricity-water and create awareness among the society and children about these precious resources.
  9. To avoid air and noise pollution use public transport.

These are the few points I can think of. We can take more such resolutions from our day to day life experience. On the whole, let’s take this first step towards the development of India by taking a resolution this Republic Day. Let’s do our part towards our nation and bring the ‘Shanti Aur Aman’ back to recuperate the peace and beautiful India.

Happy Republic Day to all

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Sajjala Patil

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