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Breath taking scene took actors breath away

The recent sad incident of two budding actor’s death on the sets of forthcoming Kannada movie Masti Gudi shocked everybody. Reportedly Anil and Uday drowned while performing an action sequence in Thippagondanahalli Reservoir, 35 km west of Bangalore. The producer says this film has six important fights and this was the climax fight which was choreographed to take audience breath away and alas; it really took the breath away of these promising actors.

Many celebrities showed condolence and need not say it’s in news for a couple of days, the latest topic everybody is discussing which is so obvious for few days  or  weeks at least till some new interesting/horrifying/tragic/shocking news flash in when everyone will forget this particular incidence.

Who knows who died because they were not famous, just upcoming/budding/struggling actors! With no filmy background so who bothers, not even the national heroes; but they were heroes for their family. The family that practically speaking has lost a financial support for the lifetime.

Here, the argument or the fight is not to focus to bring them in limelight or to make it a national issue for news houses to debate upon on the prime time; but the point is to bring in some regulation which will abide these production houses. There are n numbers of such shocking incidents some known many unknown.

Though films are seen as a way of free artistic expression, the film industry is subject to far greater censorship than any artistic medium. They adhere to filmmaking regulations and have all sorts of a shield over copyrights, privacy rights and what not to protect the own monetary interest.

But what about the individual interest working for these production houses? Are these crew members rights protected alike any other employee? Why not? Maybe because working in the film industry is never found so acceptable/respectful as in the corporate office in our religion/society unless and until he or she becomes a celebrity.

Would like to unfold this chapter today. Thousands of people are involved in a filmmaking businesses, who work day and night put their heart and soul in their respective work for successful completion of the film. Struggling actors, make-up artist, spot boys, helpers, side actors are as important as directors/producers/actors in the completion of a film alike accountant/manager/clerk/office boy/security are as important as MD/CEO/Investors in successfully running a Company.

These helpers/artists need to have some rights to protect their interest as well. Just because the film industry is not so acceptable job one can’t deny the fact that it is equally important.

Let me put it like this, a corporate employee after a long day hard work need entertainment/music/movies to relax hence he or she is dependent for their relaxation on the film industry. After all, it’s all about an ecosystem, each and everybody is dependent on each other to fulfill some or the other living needs. Just imagine, if all want to have a decent job and wish to work in a corporate office, who will entertain us? All human beings are valuable in this eco-system. All have different talents/taste/desire. Dependence in eco-system is a very interesting and in-depth topic which calls for an exclusive article.

Today film industry is the biggest industry following Manufacturing, Automobile, Infrastructure, Agriculture industries; not only monetary wise but employment wise also. A Very big portion of our society especially youth are working in this industry; hence there is a real need to have set the rights/rules to protect the interest of this part of our society.

Nowadays there is so much competition in action movies as we, audience want to see the breathtaking actions/stunts or else we don’t rate the movie; after all, it’s a question of our well spend weekend. That sounds so simple but to give that special movie/scene/shot/entertainment/music so many retakes/changes/hard work/resources are given up.

The issue here is very clear, this article is not to promote film industry but need some rules/rights set for these helping hands which are always overlooked. Need the rulings/proper law to monitor if these big earnings of the production houses are really liberal to these unseen helping hands for at least their basic rights and living hood.

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