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About Mr. President – Donald John Trump and Impact of his Presidency on India

Born and raised in New York City, received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. Donald John Trump is an American businessman and politician. He is chairman and president of The Trump Organization.

During his career, he built office towers, hotels, casinos, golf courses, and other branded facilities worldwide. At the age of 27 he owned around 14000 apartments. He has 16 high-end Golf Course around the world and he plays golf regularly. Career wise Trump is a mix of business failures and real success. As of 2016, he was listed by Forbes as the 324th wealthiest person in the world, and 156th in the United States.

Talking about his personal life, Trump says he never smoked or had alcohol, never use ATM. He appeared in 10 Hollywood films including Home Alone 2 where he played as the Plaza Hotel owner in a cameo. Trump has five children by three marriages, and has eight grandchildren. Trump began a relationship with Slovene model Melania Knauss, who became his third wife and now the first lady, post presidential election.

At 70 years old, he will be the oldest person to ever assume the presidency. He won with 276 seats as opposed to Hillary Clinton 215. He will be sworn to office in January, 2017. Trump drew attention to domestic issues such as illegal immigrationoff shoring of American jobs, the U.S. national debt, and Islamic terrorism, which all remained large themes during the campaign. He also announced his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

He has been repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims immigrants. As he believes all Muslims are terrorists and all Mexican immigrants are rapists and killers. Way back in 1973, US department of justice sued him for illegally rejecting black people as renters and his repeated discriminating practices. Also, his views on women are a matter that affected everyone. With respect to China, the trade war with them would soon be reality. Climate change, he feels is a hoax; hence fall short for any proposal towards global warming.

America is a biggest economy so what Trump does will affect the whole of the world and India at large. Matters that will drive US-India relation are:

Economy: India is fast growing country and is in alignment with American style of economic functioning. America gets meritocratic labor and massive market in India. Huge number of Indian-American population make up for a bilateral relationship between the two countries. Both are democratic Countries. Many such favorable factors will obviously strengthen relation between these two countries, which not even Trump will seem to disturb.

Terrorism: This would be another major reason for US and India to stay together. Post 9/11 attack, US find India more reliable and trustworthy over Pakistan in South Asia.

China: Trump said, “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our Country”, following which, trade war between China and America may soon be reality. No mention of any clear plan/policy about his stand towards China declared yet. With US losing allies with Asia they would need India as strategic partner. This is surely an advantage which Trump will never give up.

Based on findings it comprehend that apart from building a wall along the US-Mexico border, banning the Muslims and illegal immigration, alter the US policy that allowed Syrian refugees in and reducing legal immigration, below are other key issues that Trump raised in his interaction till now:

  • He intends to create jobs by investing in infrastructure and removing regulations.
  • He believes man-made climate change is a hoax, and intends to slash funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • He is against abortion, and wants “some form of punishment” for women who have had them. He also wants to make Planned Parenthood defunct.
  • He believes that police should be allowed to get tough on law breakers, and supports police profiling. He also supports the “stop and frisk” method, even though the practice has been ruled unconstitutional.
  • He does not believe in gun control, and has even accused Clinton of wanting to completely eliminate gun rights.
  • He has called for six weeks of maternity leave for women, but said that this will not apply to fathers (findings show that this action was suggested by his daughter Ivanka).

Finally, time will decide how good Trump turns out to India as two countries defense ties may also help to drive a strong relationship.

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