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PM Modi cannot change the system of 60 years overnight: GP Hinduja

The Global co-chairman of Hinduja group, GP Hinduja in an interview with ET Now, spoke about PM Modi’s term till now.

Prime Minister Modi’s government is completing two-and-a-half years, that is the half way mark in his tenure. For somebody, who understands the global environment, has perception really changed about doing business in India?

GP Hinduja: He has totally changed the face of India in the international market and we feel proud abroad when we say we are Indians and Mr Modi today can be accepted as the best prime minister for the world and he is doing an excellent job. Only my suggestion will be that his team should also move in the same pace and faster than what Mr Modi wants because his vision is very good for the country. He has new ideas. He has new thoughts. He has gone internationally to all the countries. He has built up excellent relationships. So the rest is up to them and to the private sector.

Read the excerpt of the full interview here.

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