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The stories which we wanted to hear are left untold in the MSD movie!

ms dhoni the untold story

The most awaited biopic of MS Dhoni released previous week and it is already making huge. The film had some negatives or I can say some shortcomings but, the film does have a few lessons for life if we look beyond it all. It tells how a boy from Ranchi fulfilled the dream of billion people, how he went from the struggle to great heights with his hard work against all odds!

1st half was brilliant, but the 2nd half was average. Dhoni’s equation with his teammates was never shown, except for a little showdown between him & Yuvraj in a domestic match. His side of the story on spot fixing/conflict of interest should have been shown.

Yes, it is crucial. His take on those things, his take on his equation with people like Gambhir, Sourav, and the ban on csk should have been shown those are the things that we don’t know, want to know. But 1st half, I don’t have words to describe.

The movie wonderfully depicts about people who made him what he is today. There were a thanksgiving for them he did through this movie. The great gesture from him for remembering the people who helped him to reach these heights.

It must be renamed as MS Dhoni the untold love story… No offense I’m pointing out the story.

There is some point which I would like to mention:

• There is no mention of his elder brother
It was said in the past that the Pan Singh Dhoni has cut ties with his elder son Narendra Singh. He lives separately with his wife and two children. He is a member of the Samajwadi Party having earlier been a part of the BJP.

• His affairs and love life
Yes, it is the most anticipated part that we all wanted to know. After his first girlfriend, Priyanka Jha, had a tragic death, getting over from it was really difficult for Dhoni. But once he was stable in his career as a cricketer, Mahi – The Captain Cool was linked with the number of names.

Unfortunately, the film has shown only Priyanka and Sakshi (Dhoni’s wife). The movie does not show the few other names that have been linked with him like Deepika Padukone, Preeti Simoes, Laxmi Rai, Asin etc. The Captain Cool is now married to Sakshi Rawat and the two are now proud parents of Ziva.

• His take on Virender Sehwag:
I would have loved if someone had played the role of Viru Paaji in the movie. It was nice to see the movie throws some light on dropping him from the team.Harry Tangri nails the role Yuvraj Singh nails!

The actor who plays Yuvraj’s role has nailed it and it’s hard to explain the effectiveness of this amazing cameo. Harry Tangri has gone skin deep into his character; the facial expressions are so natural that it almost felt like Yuvraj Singh was himself doing a cameo in the movie.

The VFX and DI
The team has done a great job Dhoni celebrating World Cup victory with Yuvraj, Sachin, and other teammates, also the moment when Dhoni is handed over the trophy by Sharad Pawar with the entire team. For a while, I felt wish snapchat had launched such a wonderful face swap app!!

Dhoni’s Relationship with other Players:

MS Dhoni has made some very good friends in Indian Cricket Team. He has maintained a close relationship with RP Singh, Suresh Raina, and Ravi Ashwin etc. There are incidents where he was initially bullied and he overcomes it soon and became everyone’s favorite.

Apart from that, there are some bitter ones as well with the senior players who still feel Dhoni who have dropped them from the team and put an end to their careers. I would have actually loved if they could have bothered to throw some light on his relations with other cricketers.

Overall it’s not a perfect film; people like me might find it a bit more stretched. There is not much of untold story in this. Despite all these, the biopic highlight of Dhoni’s life, and inspire many youngsters looking to make it big in their life. The movie has a positive vibe running throughout. This movie teaches never to be insecure or jealous and be humble to chase your dreams.

Sushant did an exceptional job to pull out such a role with an ease. Can be easily said its Sushanth’s best performance till date. And of course Goosebumps moment in the end with that six.

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