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Magnet boy! All sorts of metals attract to this 5 year old and the Doctors are clueless!

This 5-year-old boy from Bosnia has become an internet sensation for one bizarre reason. Just like the ‘Magneto’ from the X-Men, this boy attracts various metals to his body without any external support.

The name of the boy is Erman Delic and he hails from the village of Malešići near Gracanica in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He can attract any kind of kitchenwares to his chest and back says the boys father.

You can see the same, in the video below-

By the end of the short clip three spoons, 13 coins and a fork are seen stuck to his chest, with more still on his back as though they had been glued on.

“He can attract any type of small kitchenware. But I haven’t taken him to the hospital because he has no health issues.” says the father.

People like this 5 year old with unique gifts puts a serious question on science and mechanism of the body which is hard to explain.


Photo and Video credits: Dailymail

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