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Glimpses of Bandipura

Karnataka, also known as “Gandhada Beedu”, has a wide variety of flora and fauna in it. Bhadra, Nagarahole, Bandipura, kaali  reserve forests are some of them, we could name .They are the home for many indigenous species of rare flora and fauna, particularly originated in Karnataka. With the rise in the threat to their living even in their natural habitats due to human intervention, a showcases need for protection and also to study the behaviour of them for the growth in their numbers is also needed.Here,are the beautiful glimpses of scenic captures showcase the diversity of fauna in Bandipur national park by Mr Santhosh T L, who is an active environmentalist and as well as a wildlife photographer too.

Bandipur is a national park located in the southern part of Karnataka, distanced at 80Km from  Mysore City and 220Km from the state capital, Bengaluru and forest  cover its range to adjacent states of Karnataka i.e Tamilnadu and Kerala also. If vegetation is considered, It can be considered as deciduous type, meaning, most of the trees are the shrubby type and also dense thick forest could also be seen. It is home to many species of fauna such as tigers, Indian elephants, gaurs, deer, wild dogs and home for many kinds of aves too. The river “Kapila”, and the dam “Kabini” constructed across it act as a good source of water to the animals living in the forest.Some of the routes connecting Mysore and Tamilnadu state(NH27 & NH212) passes Bandipur forest and we have come across many circumstances in which many animals die due to trespassing vehicles in the forest. Hence, these routes are blocked after 9pm to avoid knocking down of animals by the overspeeding vehicles at night.

Santhosh  tells  that “Even, we as humans, find difficult to understand the minds of one another ,and it is a greater risk to deal with animals since the behaviour of each of them is different from one another. Also, as a photographer, it is still difficult to take the capture of animals in wild, when they are associated with their young ones “.As a photographer, their journey for the search of animals  begins early in the morning around  6 am and ends up around 6 pm.

Mr. Santhosh T L ,Fashion designer by degree and Wildlife life Photographer by profession is from a small town, Tiptur in Tumkur District and is now an owner of a start-up called “Garuda Graphics”, located in Bengaluru. He started his career as a fashion designer and now he is an active member in the field of wildlife photography, Tiger census and as an environmentalist too.

Check out the wonderful photo gallery of Bandipur by clicking the photo below-

If you are interested in being an activist in wildlife photography, feel free to contact him –

Mr. Santhosh T L

“Garuda Graphics”,


Email: [email protected]

Phone No: 9449632870

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