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PM Modi asked Sakshi Malik ‘Maarogi Toh Nahi?’, her reply to this is just Awesome!

sakshi malik meeting pm modi

Last two weeks has been absolutely great for the Olympic medal winning athletes of India. They are being showered with prize money, gifts, endorsements and awards from the various corners and deservingly so. The first medal winner for India, Sakshi Malik is also not an exception.

She is busy meeting people and tweeting about them. Recently Sakshi met PM Modi and their conversation came out to be absolutely hilarious.

Recalling her conversation with PM Modi she told,

“Unhone (Modi) mujhse poocha ki ‘Maarogi toh nahi’ (He asked me hope I won’t hit him)”

Sakshi Malik, while telling her response said,

“I told him, ‘Sir I am wrestler only when I am on the mat but outside it, I am just like any other girl.’ “

After meeting Sakshi Malik, PM Modi also tweeted his photograph with her and a brilliant message along with it.

Sakshi these days is meeting legendary people and obviously, she is absolutely enjoying the attention she is getting. But, she told that soon she will be going back to her training and will be doing what she is best at!

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