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When A Girl Wrote To PM Modi Asking For A School Playground, She Did Not Expect That This Would Happen!

Schoolgirl Asks PM For Sports Playground, Modi Personally Makes Her Dream Come True

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee read the coffee cup in front me. But that’s an old saying, isn’t it. There is a new tagline for India, and that goes as follows, “ A lot can happen over a letter written to the Prime Minister of India. It is a known fact that Mr. Modi had asked the youth of India to contact him directly via social media, letters, and other platforms if they are in need of help from the Government of India. One such instance where a girl took a shot at this opportunity, and the Prime Minister’s office responding to her request immediately has been reported from Mumbai.

Sakshi Tiwari, a class 9 student from Mumbai had heard PM Narendra Modi acknowledging letters from across India on his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio address. So she decided to write one. Her request was something that every child should have access to, a playground to play. She was innocent enough to ask for one and was probably hoping that the PM would respond and she would get a ground to play. In her letter, she mentioned that her school didn’t have the space needed to set up a playground. She also wrote about her ambitions and dreams saying that she wanted to make India proud in Olympics and see the tricolor flying high. But for that to happen, she mentioned that she needed a ground to play.

The Prime Minister’s Office wrote back – and made her wish come true. “I got an instant response from the PMO,” said a jubilant Sakshi. “Just the way girls are winning India Olympic medals, I want to win for the country too.”

Mohan Ninnavde, spokesperson for the state’s City and Industrial Development Corporation said that the municipal corporation is working to give her school a play area. The PMO’s swift response had Sakshi’s parents, fellow students and administration impressed.

We all have seen an India where sports and basic facilities for athletes was a dream except for cricket. But now the winds are changing. New hopes and new dreams are seen because more and more kids are choosing to play a sport other than cricket and are excelling in it. In the meantime, supportive measures by the Government of India and the PMO have added more hopes and new positives for the approach and support of other games. Let us hope that this support and facilities provided by the government transforms into medals in Olympics. Let us pray that Sakshi Tiwari will be capable of realizing her dreams of winning Olympic medals for India

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