Fighting Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a psychological feeling which makes you yearn for something “past”. It can be positive and negative, or both, according to me. Other than its natural tendency, humans are also bound to socially condition their level of thinking in this pattern. This article is an attempt to help those who are emotionally or sentimentally distressed.

Using nostalgia for “positive” reasons can help you:

1) learn from your experiences,

2) redesign your next path,

3) develop constructive behavior, and

4) overcome irrelevant exposure.

Whereas, “negative” application of nostalgia will:

1) make you repeat the same error,

2) block your next step,

3) develop destructive behavior, and

4) limit your thinking capacity.

In the end, you are solely responsible for the choices you make. Humans are blessed to logically apply rational thinking and “move on” [in a coherent way]. Our “choices” are the “chances” we TAKE to change the pattern of life we MAKE. Simple.

Following premises may primarily help you or the needy ones in secondarily setting the foundation(s) of “fighting nostalgia” in a healthy way:

First of all, you are living in present. There is no good reason to feel tense over your past tense. Shit happens. Learn to change the path of your tense, or you will be tensed forever.

Second thing, don’t shout “better said than done”. It just make you look stupid because it clearly shows that you lack willpower. To get things done, you have to act for it. To get what you have not received, then do what you always wanted.

Third thing, you are not authorized to certify your own decisions because you are no one to do so. The more you certify yourself, the less you qualify yourself. Less certification of your decisions will make you feel guilty and cause you clinical depression.

Fourth thing, when you are driving on road, you always have to look ahead. When you look back and drive on a good speed, you will face an accident. Similarly, when you are choosing to walk ahead in life, then there is no good reason to look back and walk straight. You will fall, again.

Fifth thing, develop some new hobbies and do what keeps your busy or interested. Empty mind is devil’s workshop. There are millions of things in life where you can invest your thinking and idea, and develop a new civilization for your life.

Sixth thing, the more you stay nostalgic, the lesser you get confident for yourself. Your survival skills are dependent upon your existential exposure. Do what makes you strong or else “stay weak and don’t complain”

Seventh thing, life is a book. It has many chapters. Learn to turn the page, or else you will never learn anything new from this book. Life is an abstract in your mind so use it in your own responsible way.

Eight thing, the more you choose nostalgia for yourself, the more you value your past than present. In the end, you will land nowhere and end up doing more harm than intended. It is time to respect yourself than giving a f**k to those who cannot grammatically differentiate between “loose” and “lose”

Ninth thing, bitter makes us better. The more you feel guilty, the less freer you get. Guilt is a “state of mind” and it has nothing to do with others’ certification. Learn from “what happened” to make your life more prosperous, because it is “better late than never”.

Tenth thing, fear is a choice. It is not a reality. Everything you see is your opinion of facts or reality, and everything you hear is a view and not the truth. Remember that everything and everyone are situational, and no one stands like a stupid statue for too long, because life and problems are both finite in nature. Stop behaving like an immortal bollywood nut.

Eleventh thing, find out the causes of your nostalgia. Don’t just look at the effect or else it will affect you, again. Remember that mistakes happen, because you are a human. You can go to Japan and transform yourself into a “perfect” robot.

Twelfth thing, conduct a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threat) analysis of your so-called nostalgic feelings to fight the “issue” mathematically and more coherently.

Thirteenth thing, learn to “accept” your present as well as past. Don’t run away from it or else it will make you fearful. It is OK to accept because the acknowledgement of this scenario will help you to look ahead and move on. Get a life.

Fourteenth thing, laugh at your past than cry over it because your tears are more valuable than Ambani’s business empire. Respect yourself first, if you want others to respect you.

Fifteenth thing, a structured comparative analysis between your present and past can help you find the best and worst. This will help you to enlighten your future.

Sixteenth thing, don’t forgive your past again because they had a chance to never make you see this day. Forget it, instead. Let dogs bark.

Seventeenth thing, take today’s time out to date yourself and pause for a moment to behold your self-reflection. Please forgive yourself, first.

Eighteenth thing, it is OK to cut off “negative list” from your life. Zombies have the habit of bringing your past, because they are envious of your present. You will earn few more brownie points for yourself, when you socialize with the right ones.

Last but not least, I say, don’t remind yourself your past. Instead define yourself your life. Don’t write back to me for any further suggestions. You can review my previous article When you ex says, “let’s be friends!” at your discretion.

You can overcome any thing in life, when you alter the way you see things. Without change, everything “stays” impossible.

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Jaimine Bezboznik

Jaimine Bezboznik

Very 'critical' box writer. A blasphemous writer awaiting sedition charges for making readers to think critically and anarchistically.

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