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Celebrity Trainer Vinod Channa Shares The Secret That Every Fitness Enthusiasts Must Follow

Are you spending time in gym to get a body like John Abraham or Shilpa Shetty? Ever wanted to get fitness tips from a Celebrity trainer? Then hear to what Celebrity Trainer Vinod Channa says to fitness enthusiasts. Vinod Channa is one of the top celebrity fitness trainers and is a personal trainer to John Abraham, Anant Ambani, Shilpa Shetty and many other celebrities.

Here are the tips:

Set a target:

It is very important to set targets, give yourself a particular time by when you want to achieve it. Having a weight loss goal to work towards is a useful way to stay focused and motivated on your weight loss journey.

Get the right trainer:

Look for trainer who is certified from a well known institute, it is very important to get yourself a good trainer.

Progressive workout:

Sticking to the same routine is not a very good idea it is advisable to gradually enhance your workout sessions. Suppose if you are doing ten push-ups, try and do 15. Every time stretch your goal a bit to reach that extra mile.

Monitor your diet:

Your meal has to be healthy and balanced, people who are obese; I would suggest them to be regular in their workouts and switch to a low carb diet.

Say no to steriods:

Never take steriods, instead go forĀ  natural diet and supplements like Omega3, natural boosters, ashwagandha and even green tea. It is important to decrease fat portion and carbs to have a lean body.

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