PM Modi vs Rahul Gandhi. Who won the speech war?

The audacious(!!) speech of Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday in the Parliament’s budget session got a well-directed, indirect retorts from PM Modi. Addressing the parliament, Modi’s orating skills shone bright again as he put his  version of the argument in defending and justifying his government’s policies and decisions. The first of a number of well-directed retorts was On the sessions in the parliament getting adjourned.

“Narendra Modi is a powerful man… I know you (ministers) are afraid of him. But even then you should speak up a bit,” Rahul had said.

So here’s PM Modi today in the Lok Sabha: “Some MPs have an inferiority complex and that is why the House is stalled. There are such bright MPs in the opposition …but they aren’t being allowed to speak. Nobody in the opposition must look stronger and this is because of an inferiority complex ,” the PM said. He added some fuel to already burning flame when he said, “There are some people who entertain too!! They entertain in parliament.”

If you have seen the address of Rahul Gandhi, and his view of Mgnrega, there is a retort for that too. PM retorted saying, We speak of Mgnrega, It is the incarnation of the 1980’s NREP, 1984’s NREGB, 1990’s JRY 1993’s EAS, 2003’s SGRY and NFWP in 2004. The opposition can say that we have put so much of poverty in India that you cannot mitigate it. Mgnrega is again the mirror of failure of the previous governments. Even the skilled laborers are wanting to be called unskilled.”

The next big hit was the comment of, “Some people grow old, but they won’t mature!! If you can relate it to someone in the opposition it is well and good. He was clinical is making his point about the opposition involving in mudslinging on the policies and the decisions of the government by quoting, “पर उपदेश कुशल बहुतेरे”नस-हत देना आसान है, पर खुद उस पर अमल करना ज़्यादा ज़रूरी है” which means, “Evaluation is a great way to solidifying your own knowledge for teaching it to others. What is the use of fanciful sermonizing or expressing that, which we ourselves are not able to evaluate it in our daily practical life”.

The final blow to the opposition was with the comment in which he said, “We constructed 4lakh toilets in schools because you didn’t construct them in 60 years. The Bangladesh issue got solved in our tenure because you didn’t solve it. We lit 18000 villages because you couldn’t do it in 60 + years.

One thing is for sure. Modiji Stole the show, and made it his game for the day!

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