Kanhaiya rakes up another controversy, says Army does “Balatkaar” in Kashmir

The self-proclaimed vigilante and the CPI’s youth leader Kanhaiya Kumar has hit a new low in opinion making again. The Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union president has stirred another controversy by saying that the Indian army soldiers rape women in Kashmir. He was addressing the students in JNU on the occasion of International women’s day.  He also said that he would fight for the reestablishment of human rights and also on the scrapping down of AFSPA [Armed Forces Special Powers Act] in Kashmir. We should remember that in his previous interviews he had said that, soldiers at the borders farmers and students were dying and he would call the government in power responsible  for these deaths. He had also said that the Naxals who die in the attacks should be declared martyrs. The conflicts in opinion making and differences in his opinion over speeches raise questions on the credibility of his political views.

The questions now arise on the matter of fact that, why this youth leader(!!) is interested only in selective topics which hurt the integrity of the nation and those which create controversy. It should also be noted that earlier her had made a statement in which he said, ““This movement is for rights and justice. You must see it as a part of a larger struggle — in FTII, the tolerance-intolerance debate, the Occupy UGC movement, what happened in Dadri, the Hyderabad episode and then JNU… the movement will continue till the end of this government. People will keep coming together.”

These statements from Kanhaiya make it apparently clear that his moves are politically motivated and supported, and he himself agrees upon the fact that he has a leftist inclination, and would remain engaged in politics and do what his organization – the All India Student Federation – would ask him to do.

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