Go GOPAAL… Say No to Alcohol

“It’s just one peg” is what every drunkard started with!

Here we introduce you to a group of people who strive hard to stop people from taking that one first peg – GOPAAL (Global Organization of PeopleAgainst Alcohol).

GOPAAL believes that alcohol is equivalent to any addictive drug or tobacco and requires equal importance while fighting against social evils. Smoking and tobacco usage kill more people than that of alcohol. But, that does not mean we should be compassionate towards alcohol while fighting against it. There are at least a few thousand families and, at least, a few million people who suffer daily due to drinking habit of self or due to others.

There are hundreds of innocents killed every year due to drunken drivers. There are hundreds of kids who drop out of school because their dad was a drunkard and the kid was pushed to earn for his drinking habit. There are hundreds of kids who suffer due to mental pressure by seeing their parents quarrel after drinking. There are thousands of people lined up in hospitals to get their liver transplantation done. And all these were because of “just one peg”.

GOPAAL is registered as an organization working towards spreading the ill effects of alcohol consumption. The team visits schools and colleges to spread the message and they have been doing that across the county in different cities. The team is also working with the Education departments of Maharastra and Goa to introduce appropriate chapters in school syllabus related to highlighting the effects of alcohol and other drugs. Dr. Devidas Bhide found this organization and has been working hard towards creating a better society. He has given hundreds of presentations across the country and inspires the team in doing this noble job.

The team has also come up with a short film – Prathishthaa which gives a message to the viewer about “the first peg” with which the down graph of your life starts. Be it is started as a part of your prestige, social gesture, a moment of celebration or for any other reason, that first peg might light up entry to a darker world and attract you towards that.

The original Marathi version of the video is here.

The video is also available in different languages – English Hindi Konkani  Tamil  Malayalam  Bengali  Portuguese

To know more about GOPAAL, visit their official website

Avoid the first peg. If you have already taken a few in the life, then let the previous one you took be the last peg. Have a healthy and safe life.

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Niranjan M Bhat

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