Travel: Celebrate ‘New Year’ in a ‘New way’


Here comes the New year again and we are getting ready to welcome it in a jovial way.

#New Year, New You, New dreams, New Resolutions, New Plans.

January 1,2,3 continuous three days holiday to the office. Wanna celebrate the new year in a different way? Still waiting for entry pass for the parties? Missed to book tickets for ‘Sun Burn arena’, Goa? Friend ditched you by not giving ‘DJ night’ passes? Or scared of M.G.Road bomb blast?

Here are few offbeat places in Karnataka where you can go and completely get lost in the serenity of nature and make your new year a memorable one.

  1. Hampi:


Distance: 353 km from Bengaluru

The historical town of Hampi is a great place for visitors to have a glimpse of the long-lost Vijayanagara Empire. The place holds great attraction for history buffs as well as for those who are interested in archaeology and architecture.

However, the place is also a great destination for general visitors and tourists who want to enjoy a nice time in a quiet place.

Hampi is an ancient village located on the banks of River Tungabhadra in the southern state of Karnataka in India. Hampi is recognised by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites in India.

Places to visit in Hampi:  Anegondi, Anjeyanadri Hill, Kadalekalu Ganesha, Sanapur Lake, Tungabhadra River, Uddana Veerabhadra temple, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, Virupapura, Yeduru Basavanna, Talarigatta Gate, Bhim’a Gate, Tenali Rama Pavilion, Matanga Hill , Hazara Rama Temple , Elephant Stables , Lotus palace, Sasivekalu Ganesha,  Queens bath, Zenana enclosure, Archaeological Museum , Daroji Bear Sanctuary.


2. Mangalore:


Mangalore located about 371 kilometres from Bengaluru is famous for its scenic beauty and beaches. With its pristine beaches, broad roads and calm localities, Mangalore was ranked the 8th cleanest city of India.

Mangalore is the only city in Karnataka which has all 3 modes of transport. (Air, Water, Land).

If you are a water lover then you can enjoy playing in beaches.

Beaches around Mangalore: Panambur beach, Ullal beach, Tannir bhavi, Sulthan bathery, Someshwara beach, Kaup beach, Malpe beach.

If you are atheist and wish to visit the temples, you got quite many as well:

Mangaladevi Temple, Kateelu Durgaparameshwari, Kudroli Gokarnatheswara, Kadri Manjunatha,

Well-Known places ‘Dharmastala’ and ‘Subramanya’ are also near to Mangalore.

3. Chitradurga:


Distance: 200kms from the state capital

Chitradurga is recognized as the land of valor and chivalry. The city is famous for the historical fort, famously known as ‘kallina kote’ or ‘7 suttina kote’. Wind energy producing stations located in the city feeds electricity to the nearby districts. The oldest dam in the state, ‘Vani Vilas Sagar’ is also present in Chitradurga.

Tourist attraction: Chitradurga fort, Jogimatti, Aadumalleshwara, Vani vilas sagar dam, Chandravalli caves, Windmill, Halurameshwara, Murugha matt, Sirigere.

4. Jog Falls:


Distance: 400 kms from Bengaluru

Jog Falls is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India located in Sagara taluk in the state of Karnataka. Jog Falls is created by the Sharavathi River dropping 253 m (830 ft). The Sharavati, flowing over a very rocky bed about 250 yards (230 m) wide, 290 m (960 ft) deep, and the water comes down in four distinct falls namely Raja, Rani, Roarer, Rocket. Mahatma Gandhi Hydroelectric power station is located at Jog Falls provides the significant amount of electricity to Karnataka.

Must visit places around Jog Falls:

Murudeshwara, Gokarna, Kuppalli (birthplace of Kumvempu), Sirsi, Yana, Gajnur dam, Lion Safari (Shimoga), Sakrebailu (Elephant Camp), Mandagadde (Bird Sanctuary), Bhadra dam, Sigandur.


One more amazing way is there to celebrate the new  year.

Catch the bus to your hometown, knock the door and surprise your parents who never expected your presence at home that too during New year time! 😛 and spend some quality time with family.

No huzzle-buzzle of city, No hurry to reach office,. Dad,mom’s love, quarrel with bro/sis, delicious food prepared by mom with lots of love, hours of sleep.. what else you need?!

        ‘Three feets away from heaven’

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