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The Trailer Of “Neerja” Based On Karachi Hijack of 1986 Is A Must Watch

The trailer of Neerja by FoxStarHindi looks promising. Ram Madhvani’s direction and the presence of a veteran actor like Shabana Azmi (playing the Neerja(Sonam Kapoor)’s mother) give a depth to the trailer that increases our anticipation for the film. After watching the trailer, one can’t help but feel curious for how she must have gathered so much courage.

We all are aware of Neerja Bhanot’s sacrifice. Neerja was very young when she died saving children from the bullets of the terrorists. She was the youngest person to receive Ashok Chakra posthumously. When someone was so gallant in the last few seconds of her life, it deserved to be showed and loved. And what we saw left us increasingly in awe of Neerja. We are sure the film will be a hard-hitting one. Sonam as Neerja looks the part just right.

Do watch it and tell us what you think of the trailer in the comments.

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