That moment when I touched her feet for the first time

It was a monsoon evening and when I cried out, someone else too had tears rolling. But those were tears of sheer joy. My cry, that day brought a sigh of relief among many as they were waiting for it from long. And in a few days since then, I got a kiss on my legs and those were filled with all the love in the world. My mom kissed my legs. Today I feel, she must have cherished those moments for long. I grew up and the day I was able to stand on my legs, I stood on my mom’s legs and she guided me through. I learnt walking by keeping my legs over my mom’s.

Life went smoothly and I had my first love, first kiss and then the first touch of those beautiful legs. The ring in the beautiful legs added to the beauty and those were the most romantic moments of my life. She felt ticklish but felt the love in the touch too. Life did not change much even when it turned from  “my girl’s legs” to “my wife’s legs”. I was one lucky guy whose girlfriend and wife were same.

Years passed and now it was my turn to wait for the first cry. The day I admitted my wife to the hospital, excitement was partnered by fear to make my day longer than ever. And finally I heard that little cry and then happiness started partnering excitement. Fear faded away. But I hesitated to touch her – my beautiful daughter. I spent time looking at her smile and finally after a day I could not stop myself from touching her feet! Even a million dollar placed in front of me would have failed to make me happier than that. I saw both my mom’s and wife’s legs in those tiny ones.

I fear even a feather would hurt these tiny and little legs. I have decided to make them strong that even the strongest thorns in her path would fail to hurt her. Till I have strength in my arms, my hands will carry these legs. But, the day I lose my strength, her legs will be strong enough to walk in any road. As a dad, I take all the responsibility to make my girl strong. The strength of a girl does not just lie in her body but in her mind too. A strong will and guts is all that she needs to live in this world. I will let her travel alone, drive alone, and I will let her choose her guy. But, I will definitely be a shadow that follows her but not disturbs her. The day I feel the light that falls on her is too harsh, I will be a shadow over her and protect her. In this process, I just want to enjoy every moment and I want to live the dream. A daughter is a strength and not a burden. If my grandfather did not have a daughter, I would not have been in this world. So, I just want to cherish this moment and live it.

The article is dedicated to all fathers who are proud about their daughters. There are daughters like these who have made not only their parents proud but the nation too. There are thousands of such girls in this country. Gone are the days where a daughter was a pain. A daughter is the source of laughter and joy to a home. I hate it when I see the advertisements of “Beti Bachao”. Not because of the advertisement itself, but because we are in a society where there is a need for such advertisement!

featured image credits: Beth Scupham

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Niranjan M Bhat

Niranjan M Bhat

An Engineer by profession and a Traveler by passion. Hails from Karavali, loves Malenadu and lives in Bengaluru. Loves travelling, trekking and Riding.

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