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Meet Noor Jahan, the “Solar” lady who got a mention in PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat

“A woman named Noor Jahan in Kanpur is doing an unthinkable job. She is providing light to poor by using solar energy. She is inspiring everyone else. Her name also signifies giving light to the world,” the prime minister said in his bimonthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ radio address.

Noor Jahan, who is from Kanpur has formed a group of women engaged in making and renting solar lanterns and also urged farmers not to burn crop residue and instead use it as organic manure. Living up to her name that means light of the world, Noor Jehan has been spreading light in at least 500 homes in Bairi Dariyaon and its neighbouring villages for the last 10 years.

Noor Jehan has set up a factory of solar lamps. These lamps are rented out to about 500 households for Rs 100 each per month while the charging costs about Rs 3-4 daily, the PM said. “Her work can be an inspiration for all those want to fight climate change,” he added.

Story of Noor Jahan

A mother of seven who became a widow 25 years ago, Noor Jehan said, “Being uneducated, I didn’t have a source of income to raise six daughters and a son. I faced great difficulty while cooking and completing daily chores after sunset.”

“Since our village didn’t have electricity, children couldn’t study at night. Also, people avoided using kerosene lamps as they feared their houses could catch fire,” she added.

She then came in contact with Shramik Bharti, an NGO teaching people about the power of solar energy. An inspired Noor Jehan proposed to distribute solar lanterns in 50 houses of her village.

“I convinced people to use solar lamps as they were cheaper and safer,” she recalled. The next hurdle was how to charge these lamps.

Noor Jehan formed a group that helped her set up a solar power centre equipped with solar panels. She began to rent out the lanterns for Rs 100 per month.

Every evening, villagers come to collect a charged lantern and return it in the morning. From the money that she earns, Noor Jehan deposits Rs 1,700 in the centre for maintenance.

“I help my mother in her initiative that has not only changed the lives of people in this village but also in neighbouring villages,” said Shamshad Ahmed.

story source: Hindustan Times

Modi also held up the example of one Javed Ahmed who, despite being disabled, has engaged in social work. Shot by terrorists, he survived but could not stand. But the crisis in his life turned him to compassion and he dedicated his life to social service.

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