Justice ….?!!

“That small child Moshe was crying beside the cadavers of his parents who were drenched in blood,” said Sandra. This is a small example of the ghastly crimes did by a terrorist at Nariman house on 26th November. Two-year-old son of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and Rivka was rescued by his nanny Sandra Samuel. Those terrorists who brutally massacred so many people are all dead now. But Moshe, the people who lost their parents, children, relatives and those who were crippled for life, have they truly got justice??

Recently we heard about Paris attack, 130 people were killed and more than 300 people were injured. Some might have lost their children, some might have lost their father or mother too. France took revenge by knocking that terrorist off. But yet those who become the victim of fanaticism truly got justice?
I was thinking about Moshe, an innocent lost his parents because of a fanatic’s ego. Would he ever be able to get over from the scar he was given? Would he ever be able to forgive those who killed his parents? Even after seeing that heinous crime done in the name of religion, would he able to love this society beyond religions?? If not, then that means he hasn’t gained justice!

I’m not talking about terrorism, I’m asking about justice. Few days before, it was said that the secret behind the death of Subhash Chandra bose will be unveiled. The person behind his death will be revealed. I felt happy at least the truth will come out and it is needed too. But somewhere in my heart I felt bad too. The victim who needed justice is not alive today and who did injustice also dead. Yeah, the truth may appease Netaji’s family but if the offender was not punished for his deeds, at least he wasn’t made repent on his deeds what kind of justice it would be??
Does punishing the convict yield justice? A girl was raped by one of her relatives, he was sentenced to few years of imprisonment. He deserves that, but, on the other hand, her education was stopped. Even after the convict was punished, she didn’t get justice! If a rape victim hates all men even after so many years, what does that indicate? did she really get justice?

Whenever injustice happens it will definitely destroy the person’s trust and hopes on society. What if the person’s pain turns to vengeance? What if the person commits injustice in order to relieve his pain?! How will justice be obtained? I heard somewhere that, when the person who did injustice repents on his deeds and the victim of injustice regain his trust and hopes towards society is the real justice. In that regard, question arises if anybody has ever gained justice till date?!!
What is our, the society’s responsibility in helping someone to get justice? Are we indeed giving them a healthy environment so that they can recoup their lost trust and hopes towards society or the current situation of society leading them to take extreme steps.?!! We all must ask ourselves.

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Shruthi Rao

Shruthi Rao

A cancer survivor dwells in a village of Hosanagara. Author of kannada book 'Baduka dikku badalisida osteosarcoma.' Interested in reading, writing,cooking and music.

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