In an attempt to divert attention away from National Herald, RaGa has become a lying machine

Aditya Kalluraya
Written by Aditya Kalluraya

Politics above development for Rahul Gandhi.

Lie No 1: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in a press conference today told that the PM Narendra Modi has insulted Kerala by asking Oommen Chandy not to attend the unveiling of the statue of Congress leader R Shankar in Thrissur.(source)

Here is the tweet by INC India twitter handle,


But, the truth is the Kerala CM Chandy has excused himself in a letter to PMO that he will be unable to attend the function due to other scheduled commitments.

Here is the letter,


Lie no 2: Rahul Gandhi said, he was stopped from entering the Barpeta Satra, a 16th century monastery. “When I went to Assam I wanted to visit the Barpeta temple. The RSS people stopped me from going into the temple. This is the way BJP operates. They put women in front of me and prevented me from going in.” And he disrupted the Parliament by protesting against this.

But the Satra authorities have denied the accusations of Rahul Gandhi. First of all, it is not temple it is a monastery. Basistha Sarma, the burha-satriya or head of the monastery said it was he who had waited for over four hours to receive the Congress leader, until he (Gandhi) by-passed the place and took a different route.  “It is a totally baseless allegation. There can be no question of not letting him enter the satra. I was personally waiting to bless him. The satra would have benefitted from his visit. I have seen a similar statement being made by chief minister Tarun Gogoi too. Bhumidhar Barman and other senior Congress leaders should tell him about how we waited for nearly four hours until we were told that Rahul Gandhi had taken a different route bypassing the Barpeta satra,” the burha-satriya said.

Also, read the detailed account by a local named Raju Das in the below link about what really happened at Barpetra Satra.

What really happened at Barpeta Satra when Rahul Gandhi went there – A local reveals

Also, a local Congress MLA came up with a ridiculous defense that Rahul Gandhi hadn’t bathed in the morning and also it was getting late, so he skipped the temple visit.

While the Congress leader was busy making false accusations, images of his visit to the Barpeta Satra were posted by Congress leader Anjana Dutta!


Rahul Gandhi’s schedule details given by INC India did not include any Temple Visit. See the pic below:


It is clear that Rahul Gandhi for his cheap politics has not even spared the historic spiritual centre. He looks frustrated lately because of National Herald scam rocked against him. So, to deflect the country’s attention from that, he has become a lying machine, doing baseless allegations against Modi, BJP, RSS.

The parliament is already in deadlock to protect Rahul Gandhi and his mother. Is dynasty greater than the country? Does Rahul Gandhi care about India’s development? For now, the answer is pretty clear.

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