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Living in a country of over a billion people, I feel there cannot be anything common across the country. But no, there are some exceptions. One of them is keeping the country clean. I wish I could write that statement on a positive note than writing it with a sense of shame. Finding a uniform behavior in our country is very hard but we have unity in making it, a dirty one.

But again, since there are exceptions always, the country also has a bunch of people who work really hard to make sure the country is clean and looks lovable. One such bunch of people called themselves as ‘Bunch of Fools‘ and are working towards a cleaner India. A leader of the nation gives a call for “Swachch Bharath” and a set of youths join hands with the leader without expecting to be in newspaper headlines or in a television. All they visioned is a cleaner India and a cleaner city which they love. And the name they gave themselves probably is a point they make in reminding us of our duty. They might look like fools when they try cleaning the dirt made by others, but at the same time, they are giving a strong message to the entire country through their work. Driven by heart and believes in “Ekla Cholo Re”, they firmly believe in world’s best slogan “हम सुधरेंगे युग सुधरेगा” In spite of preaching others, they believe in doing their work only. Only work No Publicity is their motto.

It is hard to show the transformation of a city in words. To feel the change, have a look at the photos below.

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When someone works hard, success and  rewards follow them. So was the case with ‘Bunch of Fools’. They received appreciations by multiple organizations followed by a couple of awards too. The major one was when the team won a national level award by a comedy show aired in Sony channel and hosted by Tarak Mehta.

Let us look like ‘fools’ for a while and make it a point in our life that we try our best to make and keep this country a clean one. The day when a majority of us become ‘fools’, the situation changes and people making this country dirty will start feeling ashamed of themselves. Let us bring that day into reality. Wish to join “Bunch of fools” or want know more about them? Below are the links where you can find more information. A proverb in Kannada says “hani hani koodidare halla” meaning, individual drops together make a lake. Hence, when individuals like us join hands together, making this nation a cleaner one is not difficult.

To join “Bunch of Fools”, visit here.

Visit “Bunch of Fools” Facebook page, here.

Wishing to see a cleaner India soon..

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Niranjan M Bhat

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