“Bhookh Mitao” – a fight for Hunger Free India

India is always known as a ‘Rich country with poor people’

We were able to reach Mars, but we are still not able to make sure everyone has at least 1 meal a day before going to sleep. There are people who still sleep hungry and also die without food. We recently saw the news about people making grass roti! And we still hold Modi and the Government responsible for it. But is that all we can do? No. We can definitely make this country a better place to live and when the youth of this country make up their mind to change this country, it should definitely work.

There are hundreds of NGOs, organizations who work for such cause and here we introduce one such group to the readers of our website. A set of youngsters led by Darshan Chandan started a campaign 6 months back and today, they seek the help of you – the common man. Let us join our hand with them making the people of this country forget the word hunger.

The group aims in making sure no child of this country is starving from good food. Good food makes sure good thoughts, good ideas and good future are guaranteed from a child. The group started with two words – “Bhookh Mitao” and today have strived their best in giving food to a lot of hungry kids. It is not just ‘Bhook mitao’ for a day or two but forever for those kids. The group even takes responsibility of educating the parents of the kids to make sure the kids get the right education and schooling too. And also, to train their parents and make them Self-reliant for better employment opportunity (according to their interest).


How can you help them? How can you join in the campaign – Bhookh Mitao?

It’s simple and doable by anyone. The group does not ask for any favour in terms of money but definitely asks in terms of food. You may donate vegetables, food grains, or anything that pushes the hunger away from the kids. An apple you donate might help in creating a Sachin Tendulkar of tomorrow or might help in giving another Kalam to the country. If not, at least, would guarantee a smile from a child who sleeps with a stomach that got the food for the day. Make a note, the group is not aiming to create beggars and hence no leftovers please. Let us give fresh food to the budding champs of our country.

Let us together prove that this country is not just filled with poor people but also has people with rich heart who care for each other. Let us make this country a better place to live for everyone.

Bhookh Mitao Campaign organizers also urge the HRD ministry to make Individual Social Responsibility(ISR) mandatory for every citizen.

Presently they are operating in Gujarat and Maharashtra and soon they are intending to make it pan India. More information on their works and how you can help the group is available through their facebook page and facebook group.  Do visit it.

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Niranjan M Bhat

Niranjan M Bhat

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