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When Kasab comes to know his associates are dead. Nana Patekar’s brilliant acting is a must watch today.

Today it is 8 years after deadliest terror attacks in Mumbai. Still the people who masterminded this attack are roaming free in Pakistan. Many people have tried to document the sequence of events of the 26/11 attacks. One such attempt is Ram Gopal Varma’s “The Attacks of 26/11”. The film surrounds around the attacks of Mumbai with Kasab as a centre character.

In this video clip, Kasab is unaware about his associates being killed by the police. He is then taken to meet with his associates & is shocked to see them dead. Nana Patekar then teaches him a lesson making him guilty.

Watch this video to witness, Nana Patekar’s one of the brilliant acting scenes in his career. He makes some valid points in this video. Do watch it and let us know, what you think about this scene, below.

PS: There are some graphic scenes in this video. So, viewer discretion adviced.

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