We are never old to be exuberant…

Two years back I was in psychology class. Our lecturer while teaching, told how genetic engineers are working on delaying old age and to stop some old age diseases. He said if they succeed in that a man may live up to 150 years!!!! Everyone exclaimed “huh….”, mildly surprised and indifferent to such a great discovery.  All were like, ‘what would we do living for 150 years?!!

He explained that scientists are working on Telomeres, the protective caps at the end of chromosomes which are linked to aging and diseases.  In young humans, telomeres are about 8,000-10,000 nucleotides long. They shorten with each cell division. Now scientists have found a way to lengthen human telomeres by as much as 1,000 nucleotides which can add many years to human life. That’s certainly a great achievement!!!  But I still wonder why we were so indifferent!! Why do we lack enthusiasm??

I think a long life with full of life would be better. But the problem is we lack enthusiasm. As we grow old our tendency to try something new diminishes.  You may say, life will not always be same to be enthusiastic and cheerful.  Sometimes it would be messy and frustrating. I agree and we humans are so peculiar that we even get bored of a well-ordered life!! So sometimes it should be messy too, by that we can learn to deal with problems. These messy situations teach us to be crazy too. Like everyone, it makes me frustrated when my attempts go futile, I get irritated with the messed up situations and that’s where ludicrous thoughts pops my mind. I text my friend “I have decided to run away” and she says “I’m ready too. Let’s go.” We sincerely discuss to flee, like how we should write letters to leave behind, where to go, what to do for livelihood and all!!  We both know that it would never going to happen yet we plan. At least we can laugh on our stupid ideas. Sometimes I just go and stand in front of the mirror and whenever I do that I feel like, life is not as bad as my deadpan face!! It makes me laugh and cheer me up.

I don’t understand why some people confine themselves and stick to tedious routine. They justify that they are being responsible and serious towards life. Oh really!!!  But how does being responsible stop you being crazy?! As they grow older and older spend their time in mourning over unfulfilled desires and awaiting death.  But in fact we are never too old to be crazy and exuberant.

Mohr Keet, 96 year old South African sets a world record by bungee jumping off the 216m Bloukrans Bridge. Awesome isn’t it?!  And after his jump he said, “it was too short!!!” He said, he jumped for “the thrill” and to “get rid of fear”. He said one must overcome their fear. He had a fear of falling and by bungee jumping he tried to overcome that fear!!

Keet, who during the Second World War was captured by Germans and spent four years in a prisoner-of-war camp outside Paris, said: “I believe that you have to do things, to live life. You have to face a challenge, to be able to go through with it for yourself – not for exhibition but for yourself.” He said, next he wants to do a tandem skydive!!!! He proved that life is not over when you get older. I’m certain that if a person like Keet gets a life of 150 years he would definitely make it worth by accomplishing the dreams, taking up new challenges and live it to the fullest.

Anyone can become like him. No, I’m not saying one must go for a bungee jump or skydiving. But at least we could be joyous, hopeful, optimistic and enthusiastic. If a 96 year old can do a bungee jump for thrill, at least we can try to be crazy, try new things to fill our life with zeal. Like I said we are never too old to be crazy

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Shruthi Rao

Shruthi Rao

A cancer survivor dwells in a village of Hosanagara. Author of kannada book 'Baduka dikku badalisida osteosarcoma.' Interested in reading, writing,cooking and music.

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