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Truth: Shah Rukh Khan’s statement on intolerance horribly twisted! He slams media

While Shah Rukh Khan is celebrating his 50th birthday today, he is all over the news for his statement on growing intolerance in India. Many media channels reported that he has joined the bandwagon of artists, scholars who have been raising concerns about the recent communal incidents in India and returning their awards. The Twiterrati is in an outrage mode against the Bollywood Badshah and has started questioning him about the statement.

But, when we saw the video, where the statement was allegedly made, it looks to us like the media has played a game here. In the Twitter Townhall hosted by Aajtak Madison Garden famed Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, it was Mr. Sardesai who asked SRK about his opinion about the growing intolerance. To that, Khan replied maturely, that intolerance is not only in our country but it is there all over the world, social media. It is because the youth are impatient and they over react. He said that the medium of voice has increased unlike before so there might be a slight rise in the intolerance. And then he slammed the media for creating words like Hindu votebank and Muslim votebank and said it is a bullshit.

Rajdeep Sardesai also tried to bring in SRK’s personal life to add spice to the issue by asking about his Hindu wife and his Pakistani Father to which he replied that these things should not be considered special. He said he celebrates Diwali as well as Eid in the same manner and the respect is mutual.

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Media has this insane obsession of putting words in the horse’s mouth. The unsuspecting interviewee falls into the trap laid by them as we have seen in many cases including the latest Zubin Mehta interview by Barkha Dutt. Media highlights the part suitable to their narrative and as a reaction the sympathizers of the government will debunk, denounce and rebut the celebrity, which is exactly how the media wants us to play to prove their point.

It is time people should realize this agenda and stop playing in the hands of media. On that note, We wish Shah Rukh Khan, a very happy birthday.

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  • Invictus Jo

    Look, I heard this exchange, there is no doubt SRK was very uncomfortable with Rajdeeps badgering him to speak on the intolerence blah blah, He said he was worried if his shows were to be stopped. At one stage Rajdeep also said things like you are copping out to SRK. But in the end SRK succumbed. Forgive him, it is these jornos like Rajdeep, Nair etc who are stoking this fire, India seems to have no answer to their evil empire.

  • Raj

    Ha Ha….Another victimised ‘a**hole’. Had to nerve to wash his bollocks on national television. Son (Rohan Murthy) gets ticked off CABE, father (NRN) starts complaining about rising intolerance….. Interesting ‘intolerant’ times we live in. Many choose to forget that the so called ‘intolerant’ is democratically elected by the majority.

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