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The real meaning of Meditation

The most necessary thing in this competitive world other than material pleasures is the mental balance and its health. The personality of a person not just depends on how he dresses or what he is doing. It also depends on how much balanced he is mentally. Complete health comprises of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of a person. Spirituality is beyond religious things. It doesn’t matter which god you pray or believe. What matter’s is how you feel your prayers and connection with god. Are you happy with whatever you have in life or you do in life? From where you seek your happiness? This question will lay a basis for your mental and emotional wellbeing. No matter who you are, how you look or how much you have. Happiness should always be searched from within. Love yourself simply without reasons, without expectations and without comparing you with other.

How can we help ourselves from being distracted from unwanted things? Again, the distractions which are within us and from outside world, which prevents us from being happy. The pockets of memories good and bad. Which we have created all the way long comes to our mind again and again. Why?? Because we never let it go; as we have divided it as good and bad. As we used to do in our school days. Our entire life has stood on these foundations of good and bad. We enjoy the good but never leave the bad memories to go. Then how can we grow? The best way to grow is to forgive ourselves with the mistakes we did. Then how to be happy? Simple, just being at present. This is MEDITATION!!! Forgiving yourself by letting the things go….all insults and upsets. When the mind settles down the meditation happens, total rest happens. The mind in the present moment is MEDITATION.

Meditation is accepting the moment. As it is, living every moment totally, with depth. A beautiful sleep is also a MEDITATION. Ambitious people can not have a deep sleep because the mind is not free, its full of plans. The real meaning of freedom is we being free from the thoughts of past and future. That no-mind or never mind is MEDITATION. A mind without agitation or hesitation is MEDITATION. As long as some desires linger in your mind, your mind can not be in total rest. So practise patience and learn to take the things as they come. A mind that has come back home to its source is MEDITATION.

Understand the real meaning of focusing or meditating. Everything is possible by practising. Meditation can involve focusing on breath, on bodily sensations, or on a word or phrase known as a mantra. Now if you sit for meditation closing your eyes you will enjoy it. Get up early in the morning, take a bath, pray your god and start the day.This is the food for the mind. For body; Eat healthy, fresh food and Drink lots of water. This will support the process of meditation. Stay
healthy from within.

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Dr. Archana Arun

Dr. Archana Arun

MD, Ayurveda doctor working in Udupi

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