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Rahul Gandhi’s recent 60 days foreign vacation details revealed!


Congress VP Rahul Gandhi has often taken a jibe at PM Narendra Modi’s diplomatic foreign tours. But has remained silent about his own vacati0n tours. Do you remember the time Rahul Gandhi went sabbatical for 56 days? Yes, that trip is back in news. A foreign daily has revealed the details of the tour. It says that he toured for 60 days not 56 days as reported earlier. Here are the details of his trip:

  1. Rahul took off from New Delhi on February 16.
  2. The Congress leader was on a vacation for 60 days, not 56 days as reported earlier, across four southeast Asian nations.
  3. He reached Bangkok on February 16 itself and spent a day there.
  4. On February 17, he flew from Bangkok to Cambodia, where he spent 11 days.
  5. He was back again for a day in Bangkok on February 28.
  6. From Bangkok, Rahul flew to Myanmar where he spent 21 days, the longest time of the trip, from March 1-21.
  7. On March 22, he comes back to Thailand and visits the Buddhist Heritage Centre at Ayutthaya. He spends 9 days there.
  8. On March 31, the leader flies to Vietnam and returns to Bangkok on April 12.
  9. From April 12 to April 16, Rahul was in Bangkok.
  10. On April 16, Rahul Gandhi lands in India.

The Congress MP visited Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. According to information available, he spent 11 days Cambodia, 12 days in Vietnam and 15 days in Thailand. The young MP spent a maximum number of 21 days in Myanmar. During this foreign trip, Congress leader Satish Sharma’s son Sameer accompanied Rahul. Rahul’s visit of Myanmar, which is not considered safe for a SPG protectee, has raised eyebrows. Last time, the SPG expressed concern about his security but Rahul allowed them to accompany him till Bangkok.

Only his schedule has been made public, however what he has done these days is not known. But two important questions are to be answered:

1. Who foots Rahul’s chartered plane bills while he flies from country to countries?

2. Why Rahul visits foreign countries sans security cover? If any untoward incident happens who will be responsible for this?

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