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My Hindustan resides in Alwar’s Imran Khan: PM Modi at Wembley

PM Narendra Modi addressed the huge gathering of Indian diaspora of about 70,000 people in Wembley Stadium, UK. In his 2 hours long, a power-packed speech he stressed the importance of the relation between two nations and said it was a historic day for a great partnership between two great nations.

At the start of his speech in London, Mr Modi said: “I would like to ensure you that the dreams you have dreamt – and the dreams every Indian has dreamt – India is capable of fulfilling these dreams. There is no reason for India to remain a poor country.”

Then he did not forget to counter the propaganda narrative of Indian media with a sharp barb. He said, “Never mistake India for what you see on TV screens, newspapers. India is much better, much higher than that”.

Further, he mentioned that there is a place called Alwar in Rajasthan. There, a man named Imran Khan made 50 apps for mobile and that too

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