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Meet Canada’s new “badass” Defence Minister: Harjit Singh Sajjan

The Defence Minister of the Canada’s newly elected Justin Trudeau’s cabinet Harjit Singh Sajjan is more “Badass” then you think. The photo of Mr. Sajjan in gear combat started doing rounds in the social media as soon as he was appointed as the Minister. Certainly, it raised interest among people especially Indians to know more about him. Here are few achievements, which you should definitely know, what a gem of a man he is.

Harjit is a retired Lieutenant-Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces and a combat veteran.

He was deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina and served three separate deployments to Kandahar, Afghanistan. He is credited with providing the intelligence foundation for a military operation resulting in the “kill or capture” of 1,500 Taliban fighters.

[PNG Merlin Archive] Harjit Sajjan, 36, a Canadian Forces reservist major and Vancouver police detective who recently finished an eight-month tour in Afghanistan. Picture of Harjit Sajjan with kids, and shaking hands with man - man is a village elder and local Afghan National Police commander.

[PNG Merlin Archive]

Harjit has received numerous recognitions for his service, including the Meritorious Service Medal for reducing the Taliban’s influence in Kandahar Province.


He is also a recipient of the Order of Military Merit, one of the military’s highest recognitions.

Sajjan was considered “the best single Canadian intelligence asset in [war] theater” whose “hard work, personal bravery and dogged determination undoubtedly saved a multitude of Coalition lives,” according to the 2006 letter of appreciation for Sajjan’s services from the commander of Canada’s Coalition Task Force in Afghanistan

Harjit Singh presents a kirpan to US forces commander, Maj-Gen James Terry in 2010

Harjit Singh presents a kirpan to US forces commander, Maj-Gen James Terry in 2010

Harjit also served as an Aide-de-Camp to the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.

Harjit was a police officer with the Vancouver Police Department for 11 years.

He completed his last assignment as a Detective-Constable with the Gang Crime Unit specializing in organized crime.

He proudly tackled gang violence and drug crimes in Vancouver.


Harijit Singh Sajjan

Harjit is also a human security specialist, and has lectured to a wide audience in both Canada and the United States.



Harjit Singh Sajjan is a family man. He and his wife have also sponsored four children and support many charities that promote health and education for impoverished children.

The 2006 appreciation letter addressed to then-Vancouver police chief Jamie Graham, from Brigadier General David Fraser included the following excerpts,[source]

“Not only did [Sajjan] display a rare high level of intellect and experience in his analysis, he also demonstrated remarkable personal courage… often working in the face of the enemy to collect data and confirm his suspicions, and placing himself almost daily in situations of grave personal risk.”

“[He] demonstrated a profound understanding of the Taliban and tribal networks…”

“He was the best single Canadian intelligence asset in theater, and his hard work, personal bravery and dogged determination undoubtedly saved a multitude of Coalition lives.”

“Through his courage and dedication, Major Sajjan has single-handedly changed the face of intelligence gathering and analysis in Afghanistan.”

“[H]is analysis was so compelling that it drove a number of large scale theatre-resourced efforts, including OPERATION MEDUSA… that resulted in the defeat of the largest TB cell yet identified in Afghanistan, with over 1500 Taliban killed or captured.”

“I rate him as one of the best intelligence officers I have ever worked with.”

“I have advised my chain of command that the Canadian Forces must capture his skill-set, and seek his advice on how to change our entire tactical intelligence training and architecture to best meet the needs of future deployed units fighting in extremely complex human battlespace.”


We Indians feel immensely proud of Indian origin Harjit Singh Sajjan and wish him success as a Minister of National Defence in Canada.

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