Enough of Tolerating you, Khans!!

It was 2001 when Ashutosh Gowrikar holding some papers containing a drama story in hand was wandering in Mumbai, searching for producers and leading role. It was such a hopeless situation when leading actors in the Bollywood shut their doors to him just because the story demanded a high budget. But then this  Mr.perfect not only agreed to do the main role but also produced it when there was a financial crisis after the start. The film not only got nominated to Oscar but  also gave  a hope to the Indian cinema viewers that even our film can catch the attention at  International  level.  The real key behind this successful project I’m talking about, “Lagaan” was Aamir Khan, whom every Indian is proud to call as  “Mr.Perfect”. After that one of the  Khans of Bollywood who was continuously telling “I’m not interested in historic movies”, started a project named “Ashoka” with special interest, which turned to a flop show.  It is not only Lagaan, but his films like “Sarfarosh”, “Rang De Basanti”, Mangal Pandey”  which had a feeling of patriotism that won hearts of millions. When  Aamir appeared with 6 pack abs  in “Gajini”, once again disturbed  our  “dilwale dulhan”, who in competition with him made “Om Shanti Om” in 2007 where he showed his body built as well as dance skills to some extent.  These incidents were enough for the Khans fans to conclude on the cold war going between these two. Even though king Khan has made a film with patriotism like “Swades”, “Chak de India” we never  had that special place to this man like we gave it to Aamir. That’s the only reason we never reacted much when Shah Rukh raised his mark about Intolerance.

“Shahrukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then. What more can I ask for? Now, before you jump to any conclusions let me add that Shahrukh is the name of our dog. And before you jump to any further conclusions let me add that I had nothing to do with naming him. In fact, Shahrukh is the dog of the caretakers of our house. When I bought this house it came with the caretaker and his dog! “  was the comment Aamir made may be in fun, but the intention behind which was pretty clear for those who read it. Even then we  continued our unconditional support to him.  He even dared to comment on the Big B’s  classic movie “black”  that it showed no sympathy over any  handicaps. The question is why one must show sympathy to the handicap? One must try to bring them to mainstream and that’s what the film depicted.  But again we never took this seriously. He even  maintained secrecy about his marriage during the initial days of his career. There was a strong rumor regarding his relationship with the British journalist. But this never became a hurdle for us to claim that we are the biggest fan of Aamir. After all we considered all these as his personal matters and not to be bothered much.

But every person has two faces probably the second one will be evil one and this was absolutely true in the case of Aamir. He anguished the feelings of Hindus by disgracing Hindu gods and condemning  the religious acts what we follow more than any other religions. The same, so called secularists, who tried to stop the shows of “Vishwaroopam” then started shouting in support of PK.  Even then we thought it might be some misunderstandings that might have caused such blunder and tried to pacify ourselves  regarding this issue, just because of the respect we had to him.  Even though not all the cases in “Satyameva Jayate” were true  and apt we watched it just because there was this person with the Himalayan image. We clapped when he appeared in ads teaching  every Indian to respect our culture, monuments, and the visitors. We always wondered  this man is so concerned about the pride of India. But even our tolerance has a limit, and this got shattered when he called my country as “intolerant” “insecure” and went up even further ahead of Shah Rukh, telling “his wife wants to move out of this country”. How rude!! The one who is the ambassador for the Indian tourism, himself claiming that India is intolerant and indirectly asking People not to come to our country. If some politician or an illiterate (sometimes both can be one and the same) say this we can agree. But if such a highly imaged person  insults my country in public and behaves like a congress agent how can it impact on a common man? To intensify our doubt, with all obviousness Rahul Gandhi and his followers also supported Aamir. It’s really sad to see Mr. Khan joining hands in the conspiracy by Congress to show India as Intolerant in International level and bring a bad name to Modi. Of course, it’s a no risk deal. His wife is a Hindu and those words are not of Aamir’s,  but of his “Hindu” wife and we are stupids here listening to it.

Let us come back to Shah Rukh. In 2009, When Imran Hashmi alleged that housing society denied to purchase flat just because he is Muslim (actually Imran was a fraud in this case), our king khan said,  “I have never been treated differently because of my religion. I am 44 years old now and never in my life have I felt discriminated.” which made us really proud about him. Even the worst of the worst films like Chennai express or happy new year could get crores in return because of the affection we all had towards him. But the same Khan just after one year, when every team and managing board decided to ban the Pakistani players from IPL, supported Pak telling “it is a good neighborhood” and without any shame spoke so much in favor of  Pak players stated “it would have been better if  they were there”. This was even after Sohail Tanveer’s  reaction “the Hindu nature is like that only”.   Since he has  got  a lot of fans in Pakistan as well as gulf countries, he got in the business of consoling Muslims by doing the project  “My name is khan”. What he tried to tell in the movie is “not all Muslims are terrorists”, which we never missed understanding Mr.khan. There were two reasons behind this movie, one to retaliate for the two-hours of security check  (But the same Khan misbehaved in Wankhede stadium)he had to face in the USA. And second is to support  Pakistan and Muslims regarding terrorism.   Let us try to find one example for these khans showing One movie against terrorist? or the hardships of Kashmiri pundits  who was thrown out of their own place.  Never, Not even in Satyameve Jayate, we can find such incidents. Because they are Hindus and, of course, tolerate everything  what you say. Do we remember, Aamir’s “Fanaa” movie was banned in Gujarat when he spoke against Modi and his Sardar Sarovar project? And whats happening now is the “revenge time”. Don’t you all see that? And looks like,  the stage is already set by Sonia-Ji for  Mr.Khan to make a grand entry as a congress politician.

After seeing all these disgusting statements from  high-profile people, what I feel is one who himself is intolerant, not humble, one who is so disturbed with fellow artists’ growth, one whose words are not stable or reliable, then what right they have to call my country which has given everything to them as “intolerant”? Aren’t  these Khans suitable to be called traitors? Even  Taslima Nasreen and Asaduddin Owaisi has condemned you, how shame it is on your part!   I wonder where were these people when there were bomb blasts in Banglore, Mumbai, so many riots in UP, Bihar or MP, so many scams,  in past ten years? There was this “love jihad” at its peak, but I never saw anyone returning their awards opposing that. Why Mr, was the Congress govt at the center and the benefits you got under them zipped your mouth? Or the Dawood’s fund to you films  that is in threat now because of Modi Govt, made you feel insecure?   I have seen many, so called, “secularists” tweeting in support of these people. I can only call them traitors as well because no other country can give you such a secure life other than India even after having countless sects in its womb. We will be pleased to have you all out of India. These fools are asking me to value the  contribution these “heroes” given to acting or cinema and ignore everything else. But my question is  when you can’t accept Godse as a patriot just because he killed Gandhiji, then how can we see consider these as Indians whose heart is not beating for this nation, however, good their acting may be?  I plead to the real patriots, let us not watch these “Khans” movies further, however, genuine it may be. Let us not buy any product of which these people are brand ambassadors.  The one who should enlighten common people with the real developments going in the country are against the country’s growth. Let us show them the result of it. Already Godrej has  made clear that they are in no way connected to Aamir as the contract is over. Lets us listen to more such news from companies and directors, until their stardom comes down. As always we used to do, this time lets not forgive these betrayers. Please do it for Hindustan, if you love it. !!    Remember, even if he is a very good speaker or leader, we cannot worship Hitler only  for it right?  Even your 100 Rs may stop the film from reaching  400crore mark!! Don’t think, act..!!

Knock-out: Say if a friend of you,  tells bad about your mom in front of others,  still you go to him and wish his friendship? The person with self-respect will never do that. I believe India is our mother. Now you agree with me?

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