Did a personal grudge led to Dadri killing and not alleged beef consumption?

The lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri which shook the nation and was responsible for branding India as intolerant in front of the world looks like a personal grudge between two persons which led to the barbaric incident in a theory which is floating now.

The Quint magazine reporter which visited Dadri to collect more information about the incident met Ramesh (name changed), the witness of the incident even though the police has not taken any official statement from him.

He explains the alternate theory of personal grudge to The Quint as given below,

Personal Grudge?

According to Ramesh, the real motive for Akhlaq’s murder was not the family’s alleged consumption of beef or cow slaughter. He says it was born of a grudge held by a local named Sanjay Singh, and that the priest and the others were accomplices.


Akhlaq told me a couple of times about Sanjay, who was harassing him. But I don’t exactly know what happened between them before the incident.


Sanjay Singh at the Sadhbhavana Divas programme in Bisada village. According to Ramesh, he is the mastermind of the Dadri killing. (Photo: Poonam Agarwal/The Quint)

Sanjay Singh at the Sadhbhavana Divas programme in Bisada village. According to Ramesh, he is the mastermind of the Dadri killing. (Photo: Poonam Agarwal/The Quint)

According to Ramesh, Sanjay managed to get away from the clutches of the police because of his proximity to them and local politicians.

Thus far, 10 men have been arrested based on the testimony of the Akhlaq family. But Ramesh says that three of the arrested are innocent and that seven others, including Sanjay, who are yet to be arrested, are guilty.


The police carried out a shoddy investigation. They never recorded my testimony despite knowing that I was one of the eyewitnesses. They warned me that if I spoke the truth to anyone, they would put me behind bars under false charges.

Ramesh says it was the UP police which projected Akhlaq’s murder as a result of the communal unrest.


The police also helped the perpetrators hide the priest. Nobody knows where he is. The priest knows the truth and they are fearful he will tell the whole story.

Read more about this in Quint.

It looks like. a fair investigation was not done in this case. The UP police and State Government quickly covered up this case as communal unrest. The attack on Akhlaq was underway even before the mob showed up, beef was just an excuse. This incident was perfectly utilized in a pattern to brand India intolerant under Modi in the international forums. It is unfortunate that many intellectuals, sahityakaars, kalakaars made noise on this topic by returning their awards. Was this a well planned out incident? Also, Akhlaq’s son saying that BJP’s Bihar loss is a fitting tribute to his father leaves various doubts. The damage has already been done, the intelligentsia has further divided the people into communal lines due to their selective outrage. Let us hope that the Police. Government gather more pieces of evidence on this incident.

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