Are you eleutherophobic?

Yes, I challenge to admit that our society horrendously suffers from eleutherophobia. This is mainly due to volitional ignorance, conformism and culture.

Eleutherophobia means fear of freedom. People living in fear with the notion of liberty are eleutherophobic.

This fear could have had its roots even in the bible when during the time of Moses, the people grumbled when they experienced difficulty in the dessert and wished for slavery back in the hands of Egyptians rather than being free.

This could be due to the fact that these people might have only known the life of being a slave and did not know how to act when they had to do things on their own.


These people are more likely to be followers, religious people or even “voters“, and could not do anything without anybody telling them what to do. These are individuals who think that having freedom means having more responsibilities and they are scared of it.

Symptoms of Eleutherophobia include suspicion of others, a sense of servitude, nausea at the thought of freedom, social anxiety, marxism, collective guilt, support for democracy or statism and emotional appeals.

Considering the social caliber of hallucinations, I also annex Eleutherophobia with Emporiophobia (fear of markets) and Apoplithorismosphobia (fear of deflation).


To add more,

Eleutherophobic are also ultracrepidarianists, in my view. They read few things with the intent to reply than with the intent to coherently decipher, question limitedly, view few acceptable opinions and shell out opinion on almost everything with a sense of “political correctness“. Their butter is salty, without demagogy. They will discourse about freedom too, but only if you gibe with their conformed notions.

Eleutherophobic believe that government is the ultimate source of all social actions. They will repeatedly grimace “without government, who will build the roads?“, if you happen to speak against statism.

Eleutherophobic believe that dangerous liberty isn’t better than peaceful slavery. They will articulate few research papers using empirical methods and end up ban-ing your citations for doing any elenchus against their literature. Observe it on your own, if you disbelieve me (see ad verecundiam)

Eleutherophobic believe that “freedom from” isn’t better than “freedom to”. They emphasize on having “equality of opportunity” than “freedom of opportunity”. They will report you to police or facebook admins, if you disagree with their argumentum ad baculum.

Nevertheless, in the end, they will always want to enforce their ideas on you because they perorate that you have moral onus to socially comply with their terms and conditions (see Social Contract).

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Jaimine Bezboznik

Jaimine Bezboznik

Very 'critical' box writer. A blasphemous writer awaiting sedition charges for making readers to think critically and anarchistically.

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