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Indian Origin Columnist Hasan Suroor gets arrested in UK for meeting 14 year old for sex

In a sting operation performed by Unknown Tv group, which does sting videos to hunt down paedophiles, the Indian origin columnist Hasan Suroor is caught trying to meet a 14 year old girl for sex.

The Unknown Tv posted the video in their Facebook timeline with the following description.

A millionaire by the name of Hassan suroor professional journalist for the Guardian newspaper and also own his own newspaper and his own television network in india he is 65 years of age from Chelsea meeting a 14 year year old child for sex at Deptford Bridge DLR wrong he met #UnknownTV.

Hasan Suroor is a noted columnist who writes for The Hindu, Firstpost, Business Standard and other reputed News Media. He regularly writes anti-Modi articles and is well known in the Adarsh Liberal circuit of India.

The report in Huffpost India stated that,

Hasan Suroor has been arrested under sections 14 and 15 of the Sexual Offences Act of 2003. We have not independently confirmed this with the Metropolitan police.

“He has been charged and remanded till trial,” said Charlie Gaines, a member of the anti-paedophile group Unknown TV, which posted the video of the sting and his arrest online yesterday.

In the video, posted online yesterday, 65-year-old Suroor is seen as admitting to have travelled from Chelsea to Deptford Bridge DLR to meet a 14-year-old girl. While Suroor says he would not have had sex with her, the vigilante group confronts him with evidence that he had conversations indicating clear plans for a sexual encounter.

When caught, he is seen pleading that he is an innocent and an old man and started to limp his foot. The list of Adarsh liberals getting arrested in connection with sexual offences is increasing. Earlier it was Tarun Tejpal, R K Pachauri and now Hasan Suroor. It is an irony, that he has written several articles about Idea of India in danger because Modi is at helm, but it is incidents like this in the foreign land brings bad reputation to the country.

Here is one of his Idea of India tweets,

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