Achche din zaroor aayega…..

On Friday late night, the program at Wembley kept everyone awake. Even when the clock was showing 12 o’ clock people sleepy-eyed were awaiting Modi. The whole program made his opponents like a cat on hot bricks. God knows where all those people had disappeared, who last week merrily gobbled down the feast like gluttons. All in all Modi’s speech was so captivating and kept us unmoved from our place.

Modi’s another foreign tour. Every time it will be filled with some specialty. Do you ask what is special this time? This time, he visited Britain. British came here for trade and colonized our country and changed the history. It was British who pushed our wealthy and prosperous country into slavery and saw us like beggars. They were the reason behind the bloodsheds like the first war of independence, Jallianwala bagh massacre and many more. Valiant heroes like Bhagat Singh, Raj guru, Chandrashekhar Azad, Veer Savarkar sacrificed their life at a very young age because of British. Indian can never forget their oppression and injustice. The stories of young fighter’s sacrifices make our blood boil. In that regard, Britain has no morality to be called a democratic nation which confiscated the freedom and oppressed many countries. When Prime Minister of such a country proclaims that they have the full support to India to obtain a permanent seat in United Nations Security Council, how could people of India restrain their rapture? The country which came here and never let our flags raise in our own homeland, today the same country in their land hoisted our flag and allowed to sing our national anthem!! How wouldn’t it make us thrilled?!! Isn’t that special when Prime Minister himself warm-heartedly receives Modi saying “welcome to Prime Minister Modi”.?!! Don’t know if you have noticed or not, Modi after taking the charge as prime minister have visited many countries and addressed publicly. But Prime Minister of those countries never did a welcome speech. Here David Cameron himself did a welcome speech!!!

Truth to be told, Cameron’s speech was more pleasing than Modi’s. When Cameron was saying, “They said, Chaiwala will never rule world’s largest Democratic Nation, but he proved them wrong” we were bursting with pride. It was a tight slap for Manishankar Aiyyar who said a Chaiwala can never become a prime minister. Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron had answered the people who were questioning, where is achche din? David Cameron was more confident than Modi when he said, “Modi said, achche din aanewali hai. But with his energy, with his vision, ambition I would go one step further and say achche din zaroor aayega” His words had thrashed those so called seculars and award wapsis exactly like how Sudeep beats few rowdies in his movie Veera Madakri in front of railway station. It is said 200 writers had written letters to Cameron regarding the intolerance in Modi’s government. His speech chastised them like ‘stop your shit.’ Don’t know if Modi influenced Cameron, his addressing style was exactly like how Modi silences his opponents through his speech!

Okay, let’s evaluate it. Cameron expressed, “They said, Chaiwala will never rule the nation, He proved them wrong.” What does that mean? Isn’t that signifies that Modi is governing the nation appropriately? How would Cameron come to know, when few of our people unaware of this? Is it a small thing to create such a trust just within 18 months that the president of Britain confidently says “achche din zaroor aayega.”

One thing is true if Modi gets our support and cooperation then achche din, the day India become Vishwaguru is not so far. But indeed problem resides within the nation. Power-starved opposition parties, some hired litterateur are creating non-cooperation. Some fools are repeatedly calling our proud prime minister an ‘Idiot.’ But the whole world is saluting that ‘idiot.’ They call us Modi’s devotee if we talk proudly about him. Let it be. Modi is not God, but yet one must be a deserving person even to be called a Modi’s devotee.

After Bihar election, everyone thought tides now turned. Many have come together to defeat Modi. They have gloated on Modi’s failure. But if someone assumes that Modi’s charisma ceases with one defeat then it would be foolishness. If any leader can enthrall people, can make our heart to throb proudly, can make folks go sleepless awaiting his speech then that is none other than Narendra Modi!! As Cameron said, “achche din zaroor ayega.” It is not something comes within 2-3 years. If Modi gets our trust and cooperation along with his dedication and perseverance then definitely achche din aayega.

Let’s have complete faith in Modi without giving ear to media’s negative publicity and opponent’s propaganda. Keep calm and trust Modi, that’s it.

Translated by Shruthi Rao.

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Shivaprasad Bhat

Shivaprasad Bhat

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