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The Big Billion Days are here – who gets the billion?

Big Billion Days – It is that time of the year, where the online retailers focus on emptying their out-dated stocks, along with our wallets (Now you don’t have to have a girl-friend to empty your wallet!) It started exactly a year ago, we all remember the story. The customers whining on social media regarding how pathetic it really was. The price games, out-of-stocks, order cancellations at the last moment and apology letter from the company CEO, we heard them all.

Fast forward a year, the big billion day(s) are here, once again. Like the last year, Amazon and Snapdeal are also cashing-in big time. Here, the Big Billion Day is already trending on Twitter!

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So, who really makes it big on the big billion day? what companies do? how do they manipulate? why and how has it began? let’s go back and explore a bit.

Why? When there was no Big-Billion day – most of the people used to get things from USA through their friends or relatives during Black Friday and Cyber Mondays. The online retailers in India saw the huge opportunity of making money and clearing their old stocks, so the Big-Billion Day was born. At least that’s what we think!

How? The prices of old goods were cut down with cash backs, discounts and offers up to 70%. Some users even noticed the games that were being played. The prices of certain products were increased just before the day and offers were shown more than the actual price of the product. Some products were shown as out-of-stock the moment it went on sale. And many users reported that their orders were cancelled at the last moment. Users complained all over social media regarding the issues they have had which forced an apology letter from the company CEO.

Result? The first Big Billion Day As Flipkart started off, Amazon and Snapdeal also played their own roles last year. But, Flipkart came out on top with an estimated sales of 1200-1300 crores on a single day! And an over all sales of 2500 crores were shared by the three giant online retailers in the country.

Big-Billion Days 2015: It’s 2015 and we’re here again. With Flipkart leading the game by announcing October 13-17th as Big Billion Days, Amazon later joined with the Great Indian Festive Sale. Though small players, Snapdeal and Ebay have also announced their own offer days. So, prepare your wallets for the biggest shopping days yet in India. Though the companies will end up getting the billion dollars, we can save some bucks by making hay while the sun shines! 

Happy Shopping!

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