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Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P – price, release date and opinion

Google had their so-called keynote event on 29th September to reveal brand new products, and so they did. Everything related to the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P was just a replica of the rumours, even the CEO Sundar Pichai agreed to that fact. Google has a lesson to learn from Apple on keeping their secret, well, at least to some extent.

Coming to the phones, undoubtedly, these are the best Nexus phones that you could ask for. There has been a lot of hype on the camera, we better hope that it performs to the hype.

Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P Specs:

Model Nexus 5X Nexus 6P
Display 5.2 inches HD Display 5.7 inches WQHD Display
Memory 16/32 GB 32/64/128 GB
Processor 1.8 GHz Snapdragon 808 2 GHz Snapdragon 810
GPU Adreno 418 Adreno 430
Camera Rear 12.3 MP 12.3 MP
Camera Front 5 MP 5 MP
Battery 2700 MAh 3450 MAh
Water Repellent NO NO
OS Android Marshmallow Android Marshmallow
Weight 136 gms 178 gms

Nexus 5X Images:

Nexus 6P Images:

Opinion: Things like the USB Type C and the fingerprint sensor are valuable additions. An increased battery in both devices will be a relief along with the Doze mode in Android M. Both of the phones are quite an excitement for all the Android fans. But they are not perfect. The fingerprint scanner at the back will take some time getting used to. And the camera hump is little too much to neglect. There is no OIS, wireless charging or waterproofing either. It’s 2015 Google! Though the company has their own explanations for everything, you can’t make excuses!

On the Nexus 5X: The Nexus 5 was one of the best Nexus ever or even it was one of the best Android phones ever made. Albeit it had a mediocre camera and average battery life, the phone went on to become best-selling Nexus in no time. So, Google did the right move by fixing the camera and battery issues (or at least attempting). And the good thing is both the Nexus devices have the same camera. Design wise the Nexus 5X feels a little cheaper comparatively.

On the Nexus 6P: It is as big as the Nexus 6, which is huge. But the design of the Nexus 6P makes it look and feel smaller than it actually is. The phone is thin and the camera hump looks little awkward, but hey, if you get better pictures, you might as well learn to live with it. The battery is bumped up to 3450 MAh, which is a good thing.

Release date and price in India: The Nexus 5X starts at 379$ in the US and the Nexus 6P at 499$. But as always, the price in India is expected to be at least 6K more than it should be, which is a shame. Especially when an Indian CEO is in charge of Google. The leaked pictures suggest that the Nexus 5X is Rs. 32,000 /-. and the Nexus 6P at 39,999 Rs/-. We expect the phone to be released in November or Mid October.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for other options, check out the Moto X Play and OnePlus Two.

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