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I am an Indian: An Ode to all Indians out there!

“I am an Indian” is a video created by Comedian Rajiv Satyal is about being proud to be an Indian. He nails it perfectly in putting out the love for his country in words. He says that he is blessed to be born in India, a nation with a rich heritage and even more rich culture.

In the video, he says,  “We are thinkers. We are great at math because we INVENTED numbers. And we’re pretty good at letters, too. We are doctors and engineers and techies. And we mean business: we’re the world’s 3rd largest economy and the wealthiest ethnic group in America.  We are huge and efficient – India is all on one time zone. That way, everybody in the country is still late – but at the same time. We never invade anyone because we already have everything: chess, the ruler, the button, wireless communication, arranged marriage, flush toilets, steel, democracy – all us, all India….”

He concludes by saying, “We practically invented religious tolerance and we gave you Mahatma Gandhi and pundits and gurus and karma and dharma and kismet and reincarnation. The motherland is magical and mystical. And no matter who you are, you can find yourself here…in Incredible India. Jai Hind!”

Do watch this video, you will feel nothing but proud to be an Indian!

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