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How do you beat the heat?

Beating the heat by keeping the body cool is a real challenge for us during the sunny days. As the time is progressing, heat has become intense. The reasons for the pollution and measures taken to control this remains as an essay which was written in our childhood, same can be applied even today. This shows that we lack the nerve that thinks of the well-being of our future generations. We have become least sensitive to the changes in our surrounding. Keeping a bowl of water in our terraces to save many birds dying due to heat has just become a message to be forwarded in WhatsApp. If this is regarding the surrounding; we neglect it. Because we don’t take any actions without reaction!! nature’s law !!

Do we really bother to take care of our health in summer? Here are the tips which we should follow during hot sunny days
1. During hot summer, our bodies drain out of fluids quickly and to compensate the loss we need to drink at least 6-7 litres of water. Apart from water body also needs minerals and vitamins to keep our stamina.
2. Avoiding direct sun contact between 11AM to 4.30PM.
3. Use light coloured clothes preferably cotton.
4. Use of sunscreen lotion made of cucumber and aloe vera.
5. Have more salads.
6. Avoid spicy and fried foods and alcohol.
7. Take curd during summer with sugar.
8. After coming home and you faced scorching sun outside do not take the bath immediately as it may invite skin related problems.
9. Eat lots of fruits like banana, orange, watermelon, papaya etc.
10. Wear sunglasses while going outside and cover your head with cap or scarf. Take an umbrella and a bottle of water with you.

Lastly, you can enjoy drinking juices which has a good effect on your health and replenishes the loss of fluids.
1.Lemon juice: Prepared using sugar and pinch of salt. Can be taken in the early morning. It clears the body of its toxins and refresh our mind. It contains vitamin C.
2. 2tsp of concentrated lime juice, 1tsp of the con.Ginger juice, 2tsp of the con.pudina juice along with 6tsp of honey. The mixture kept ready, taken 3 times a day. Helps to overcome all sort of digestive problems due to indigestion which will be common during summer.
3. Sugar cane: Sugar cane juice mixed with lemon juice, mint, ginger will cool our body instantly. It has natural sugar which gives instant energy.
4.Watermelon: Watermelon juice with a pinch of pepper also helps.
5. Tomato: Tomato juice is useful for the people who work under the sun. It has all minerals and vitamins along with vitamin E.
5.Barley: Boil barley seeds with water and make its soup. Add a pinch of salt and buttermilk and this drink instantly cools and retains stamina.
6.Yellow cucumber: Water content is more in it and it is good for skin. Mix its pulp with buttermilk and apply on the tanned skin. It will lighten it.

Please remember to avoid taking food and juices outside. There will be chances of using contaminated water in preparation of food. Preserve the natural resources by not throwing the wastes into the river and to our surroundings. By this, we can give our contribution in saving not only our health but also the future of our next generations. Stay protected stay healthy.

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Dr. Archana Arun

Dr. Archana Arun

MD, Ayurveda doctor working in Udupi

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