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Here’s why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 6S in India

Apple announced their iconic new iPhone 6S last month and it’s yet to be released in India. As usual, it takes almost a month for the products to be released in India. The iPhone 6S starts in USA for $649. Which, if you convert, will be around Rs. 42,000 /-. But the iPhone 6S starts in India at 62,000 Rs. Comparatively, the iPhone 6 was released in India for 56,000 Rs./-. So, the price has gone up 6,000 Rs. /-.

Image: Cnet

Image: Cnet

This happens only in India. Apple started the trend, and now it is being followed by all other OEMs. The Nexus phones for example were announced in US for $379 and $499. But in India they are announced for 32,000 Rs. /- and 40,000 Rs. /- respectively. As reported by CNET, the 16GB iPhone 6S is priced in India at $955 (~62,000 Rs. /-) and it goes all way up to $1415 (~92,000 Rs. /-).

There is no doubt that the iPhone 6S is one of the best phones you can buy right now. But paying a whopping 62,000 Rs. for the 16GB iPhone 6S isn’t worth it. There are tons of flagship options available for well below 50,000 Rs./-(Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Nexus 6P and LG G4). And even some less than 30K phones  (Moto X Style and Nexus 5X)are also worth considering. You can read the detail article in Cnet here.

If you’re still ready to pay the premium price, you can read more about the iPhone 6S here.

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