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Funny but True: The life cycle of a software engineer

India has no shortage of Engineers. There is a funny proverb popular in Bengaluru that “If you throw a stone in the busy streets of Bengaluru, it will definitely hit an Engineer.” They are also stereotyped very often. Here is a funny video by “Put Chutney”, which describes the “The Life Cycle of a Software Engineer”.

It starts off with completing your 12th grade and joining any engineering college, (primarily to satisfy your parents) and then trying to get a girlfriend multiple times – not necessarily succeeding at it.

The video also explains how the average engineer gradually loses interest in work and tries to find other passions in life by reading self-help books starting photography, film direction before realizing that ‘he sucks’ and gets back to the same job.

This is followed by an on-site opportunity, an arranged marriage, children, a house and a car.

The video ends stating “Invest all your money in the children and once they finish school, repeat from step one,”. Do watch it.

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