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Forget about the iPhone 6S or the Nexus 6P – Here’s Symetium!

Yeah, you’ve read it right. You no longer have to worry about compromising something in your smartphone. Thinner phone? – no bigger battery. Better camera? – the camera hump. High-resolution display? – kills the battery. And that is how the smartphone industry has been evolving. It is no longer innovative. Everything is just novel, and disguising novelty as innovation. How longer can they survive. Here’s to all your worries, Symetium, a Start-up from Sweden promises to solve all your smartphone worries with their prototype.

Image: Indiegogo

Image: Indiegogo

The No-compromise smartphone PC – this is how they are marketing the device. It is far from now, but promising. At least we have started seeing some companies putting some effort in changing the tedious smartphone industry. Just a couple of weeks ago, we have read about Nextbit’s Robin, a cloud-based smartphone. And now, Symetium.

Sounds exciting and unbelievable? well, look at these specs:

*  Up to 256 GB of Storage + SD card slot for 128GB

* 6 GB Ram

* USB Type C

* Stereo Speakers

* Snapdragon 820

* 1080P 5.0 inch OLED screen

* Android 6.0 Marshmallow

* IP 67 dust and waterproof certification

And the company isn’t bothered about the comparing their product with the iPhone 6S or the Galaxy S6!

Image: Indiegogo

Image: Indiegogo

There is no doubt that this is a vision of Symetium. That is why we have to wait for almost a year to get this product. Here’s the timeline of Symetium.


Opinion: The phone looks exciting. It really is a no-compromise smartphone. You can connect screens or even a mouse with this phone! We can’t wait to see more companies try to innovate in the smartphone industry. That being said, the Symetium team has set a whopping 1.25$ millions crowd-fund target. If it is achieved then we may see the product. If you like to contribute, here’s the link on Indiegogo. You can read more about the phone in the same link.

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