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Sugar Craving! Is That An Addiction Or Deficiency?

Late in the evening felt like tasting a Rasgulla? Or after lunch felt like having a sweet lassy? Or post dinner craving for ice creams. Are this addiction or due to deficiency? Whatever it is, good to come out of it!

We often come across that sugar craving. That desperate feeling of having something sweet. Does that mean that body is trying to indicate something or is it just an addiction? It can be both. But, even if it is just an addiction, why did it start after all?

There is a simple scientific reason to be understood here. Sugar (glucose) is the main source of energy for the body. Anything we eat finally is converted as glucose before the body can absorb it. So it’s the simplest form of any food we eat and the absorption can happen only in the form of glucose.

When we eat something sweet, it’s the refined sugar and the body can directly absorb it. So there is no processing needed by the body. When there is any deficiency or illness or stress, the body needs more energy and as a reflex mechanism, the body starts craving for sugar or sweet. If it is just an addiction or habit, it can start by regular intake of refined sugar.

How can we manage it or stop it? Sugar craving can be managed well if you adopt few practices in life. Here are few tips which can be adopted in our day to day lifestyle to overcome it.

  1. Never starve yourself

Irregular eating habits can make you crave for sugar or over eat due to fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. So always eat your meals on time. Try to eat in regular 2-3 hours intervals so that the blood sugar levels do not fluctuate.


  1. Drink plenty of water

Interestingly, drinking less water can make you crave for sugar. So hydrate yourself well and you will be amazed to see the results.


  1. Exercise regularly

Regular physical exercise can give you the feeling of goodness because of feel good hormones. Hence, you can keep yourself out of that excess sugar crave.


  1. Breakfast – A must!

Breakfast is a very important meal in the day. A day without a healthy and wholesome breakfast is sure to give you a sugar craving by the end of the day. So eat a good combination of carbohydrate and protein for the breakfast every day


  1. Eat a portion of fruits and veggies every day

Fruits and veggies are one of the good sources of vitamins and minerals. So when you supplement the body with natural vitamins and minerals, the sugar craving because of deficiencies if any, can be solved and also the sweetness in the fruit soothes the tongue.


  1. Avoid refined sugar

Refined sugar can make you get addicted to it. Those are empty calories and can only give you calories and not the nutrients. So try avoiding refined sugar to come out of that craving.


  1. Sleep, ah who does not love it. But is your sleep providing right rest to your body?

Lack of sleep makes you crave for sugar as there is stress hormone released in the body. A good 7-8 hours of sleep every night helps the body recover well and come out of stress.


  1. Do not store junk/sweets at home

Try to store healthy snacks at home. Replace those chocolates, sweets or snacks with fruits, nuts or salads. It is hard and not necessary to avoid them completely. Try bringing in a discipline in eating snacks too.


  1. Fulfill protein requirements

Less protein in the diet also can make you crave for sugar. Eat protein rich meals. Proteins need more time and calories to be metabolized. It keeps you full for a longer time and hence avoid craving.


  1. Try to keep yourself busy

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop, it so is true with sugar craving too. Try to engage your mind with a good hobby in free time to cut boredom. Stop eating just because you are bored. Eat your wholesome meals on time and see it works in getting you out of that sweet addiction or craving.


Follow a healthy lifestyle for a healthy future.


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Dr Priyanka Marakini

Dr Priyanka Marakini

Naturopathy and Yoga Specialist. Currently working as nutritionist in FRESHMENU Bangalore. Love for fitness and travel has kept her fit and healthy.

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